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Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018





. . . Tasa exceedingly loved the winter’s beginning, she loved all seasons but her favorite season was winter, she liked cloudy and gray weather and because of it she used to swim every morning. Tasa used to visit Leo every day after swimming to have a breakfast with him. They were cooking together but both were such a horrible cook that, whole house was stank and everything used to finish with it that they were ordering pizza or chicken with fruit juice.

The time was passing slowly, Leo was falling love with Tasa, she also had some feelings to him but they did not talk about it loudly. One evening they were sitting in front of the fire at the sea coast, Leo was playing the guitar and was looking at Tasa, she knew it and because of it she was not looking at his side. She was drinking the red wine and was looking at the dark blue sea. It was the midnight when the fire went out, Leo did not let go Tasa alone and he went with her. When they came to the tropical forest Leo stopped Tasa and when he tried to kiss her, Tasa stopped him, she smiled awkwardly and said to him.


Tasa – Good night, Leo!


Leo was ashamed, he hand down one’s head and did not say anything. Tasa smiled because of his behavior and entered the forest fast. Leo still was standing there and was grumbling. He was such annoyed that he was kicking trees.

The next day Tasa did not visit Leo. But he was waiting for her till midday, then he decided to make coffee for her, he took a few strawberries biscuits, put into the little box and went out from the house. Soon he was in front of the tropical forest and while he entered there, he saw Tasa at the rock bank, she was preparing to swim. Leo looked at the box angrily and shook it a few times, he did not wait for her and backed home.

Tasa did not visit Leo the second day too, she was swimming almost the whole day, she was trying to not think about Leo, when she was backing home, she was working in the hothouse, there was not any work to do but she anyway was doing something, she was walking to and fro with big and heavy flowerpots. After all of this she was such tired that she even could not enter the bedroom and was sleeping in the living room. One week later Leo visited Tasa, she was sitting on the balcony and was looking at the sky, she was such beautiful that Leo was just looking at her quietly a few minutes and then called her. Tasa stood up fast from the chair and was looking at him surprised, she was thinking to not open the fence’s door, but her mind wanted to open it, Leo again called her and Tasa went down to open the door, she put her head on the door and closed the eyes and after a few seconds she opened the door. Leo warmly saluted to her and entered the yard, he climbed up to the stairs fast and entered the balcony, Tasa was looking at him and was shaking her head. Leo gave the lunch box to her and asked.


Leo – What did you do these days?


Tasa put down the lunch box on the table and she also entered the balcony.


Tasa – Nothing interesting. I was just relaxing


Leo – I see!


He smiled and continued talking.


Leo – I have a present for you.


Tasa – A present?


Leo – Aha!


She was observing to him overhaul to find a present.


Leo – I have two presents for you.


Tasa – even two presents! So interesting why I deserved them?


Leo took out the mobile from the pocket and gave to Tasa with the headphone. She looked at him amazed, then at the mobile and took it.


Tasa – The mobile and the headphone?


He smiled and said her


Leo – I’m sorry but I can’t give you my mobile.


Tasa put the headphone into the ears and while she turned on the music, Leo said.


Leo – Please, listen to it to the end.


She turned on the music and leaned to the balcony’s hand rail. Leo took the second present from his pocket, it was the beautiful hair slide and clipped it at her hairs while she was listening to the music. The hair slide was green and turquoise color with shining feathers. It was such a beautiful on Tasa’s hair that it looked like it was made especially for her. Tasa did not feel how he clipped it on her hair, she was looking at the sea and was listening music very loudly. Tasa could not stop the smile on her face because the song was only about her. The song finished after a few seconds and gave him the mobile, she was very happy but she was not showing it him. Leo was waiting for her answer, he was moving on one place and looking at her uneasily.


Tasa – Is this really your voice?


He shook his head and answered.


Leo – Aha! it’s me!


Tasa – So, you were watching me all this time, right?


Leo – No, I didn’t, you just always were at that place, where I was and do you know what’s the strange?


He stopped for a second and again continued.


Leo – We always meet exactly that moment when I’m sad or annoyed, you entered my mind like a mystic bird, because I called the song “The mystic bird”. As if you gave me the second chance for myself. After that horrible incident I sang first time. While I was recording the song, I was thinking that I’ll lose the talk’s ability.


He stopped again for seconds and then continued.


Leo – I thought that all the songs which I’ve ever sung or I had written, they all had the huge emotions and a lot of senses but I was wrong. I really can’t explain what I felt when I was making it for you, it was more then sense, more then emotion.


Tasa was listening to him very enthusiastic.


Tasa – I thought that you could play only the guitar.


He shook his shoulders proudly and said.


Leo – Not only the guitar, I can play all the instruments. Hey girl! I was born the wunderkind.


Tasa smiled and shook her head a few times.


Tasa – For how many girls have you written the song.


He suddenly got angry and started grumbling.


Leo – You are really only one in my life, for whom I’ve written the song. This is your song and only you can listen to it.


Tasa suddenly kissed him on the lips and entered the house fast, Leo also followed to stop her but Tasa turned back and asked him.

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