Heavenly Festival.

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My name is Benny, and I always go out to the pub with Carl and get as drunk as we could get. The following day we are with our girlfriends.

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



The night was escaping into another day. We had been in the pub since 20:00 pm, knocking back glass after glass of beer. You and strong, we were enjoying ourselves. The night was still young. My mate and I did this every week after work. I am Benny and my mate is Carl. Our girfriends didn't mind because the following day we didn't touch a drink. We went either to the cinema, a walk in the park or to some other activity. On this week, we really got smashed, and as we were coming out the pub, a taxi pulled up. We got in the taxi hoping to get ourselves home. It was strange because we only lived around the next corner from the pub. A nice staggering walk would have taken us about 10 minutes. Why the taxi? The taxi driver asked, ''Where to?''
My mate said, ''To the 'Heavenly Festival!' ''
In my drunking state, I was thinking, ''What? Heavenly festival? Where for Christ's sake is that?''
I heard the driver said, ''This place is just the thng for you young guys.''
I said, ''I don't want to go to no festival without my girl beside  me.''
My mate said, ''yes, we always take our girls with us to festivals and such like.''
''This is a festival,'' the driver told us, ''that you'll never forget. And it only comes to this town once so often.''

Soon we came to a building that looked like it was hidden by many trees. I could see the entrance with a sign over it say: Heavenly Festival.

We paid the taxi and it drove away. None of us recognizes the area or anything that would give us a clue. At the door, we push the bell button, and suddenly it was open to us. Inside it looked like a sort of chapel. There was an altar long and smooth. At the right side of us was a sort of bar where they sold drinks. The place was packed with young boys our age. A stranhge feeling came over me, and I sobered up a bit. I was beginning to hate what we had done by coming to this place. WE should have stumbled home from the pub, and we would have been in our beds safely. It was foolish of us to enter into this place. Some elders came up to us, took our hands and welcomed us. The elders were in long white robes with a blue sash around their waist.

''What's going on in here?'' I asked. What sort of festival is this?''
''Just like it said on the door, 'heavenly Festival'.''
''Has it got anything to do with...? My mate was pointing a finger upwards.
''Eventually!'' One of the elders told us. ''The computer has given you a number as soon as you entered. If your number comes up at the end, you'll then be sacrificed on the altar.''
I said to my mate, ''Come on, we're leaving.''
The eldest of the elders said, ''I'm afraid that's not possible. No one can leave.''

We checked the bar and found that it only catered for tea, coffee, chocolste, and soft drinks. Having a few coffees we almost was sober again. We chatted with some boys and found out that this was a special church which held the Midnight Mass for the sacrifice.
My mate said, ''Now I get it. I read somewhere about all this. Girls weren't allowed to take part. Soon, the computer will call out the number of the one to be sacrificed.''

The End.

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