Unknown Voice Within

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Imagination Station

This is a inspiration that will never be so inspiring unless you feel the need within. :)

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



Thank God where you will make substantial difference for our global village,

It does not end here,

Our future needs to be harnessed to reach newer heights,

You have a time to experiment and experience newer vistas of life,

A bundle of dreams makes your aspirations to give shape to a reality unseen,

Your failures are lessons learnt last throughout life,

Always to fight and never give up to be better the best next time,

You are blessed with great rivals who make a healthy competition to face obstacles,

How diligently you fight back make you work to produce any returns if it has passion and integrity,

Let us share what pour your heart into it,

No matter who tells you not to,

You must not be persuaded to drop the great plan for one humanities vision may come true,

An exception of one finger must not make you immobile,

If your idea power an excellence from inside,

And no man can break its passion ignite your personal belief,

No matter how you search connected into this pure awareness,

You are born to prove the unlimited possibilities of mankind on this Earth,

And what you are remain far beyond unquestioned within,

Your joy of creating something new and making it a success,

For sometimes this answer come from nowhere in doing the real purpose of life,

All through your life you are going to share this experience,

When this secret guards your hearts rhythm and the final realizations happen,

All you know those steps regain your perfections here,

Without fear if tireless depth of truth stands not to be broken up,

A mind that pays attention asks oneness in this human relationships from entering the unknown,

When unwritten stories wait on this unsung life for this blessed gift,

If you hadn’t ease the empty feeling below the cheers and celebrations of the day,

Those kindle art question your heart beats for a dawn supposed with deeper experience of life,

How will you handle it?

May you not fail or repeat spelling mistakes on your steps ahead,

Tomorrow you will be superb,

Many who watch your search unavoidable to speak out at your growing age,

But today you do not know it yet,

These experiments blind a source on our human game in the face of uncertainty,

This is humility and the beginning of wisdom,

It is the same story for many great journeys finds another one to join this path,

When all those who are good at heart burns this faith,

Now flows out of nothing and only thing that is certain leave behind certain makers of who you are,

You saw this table with commonness on unconditional love and compassion being God’s rosary,

A life enchanted just not give courage but wisdom,

Your goal opens its jaws not just capability but credence,

A champion not just glory your legacy but rejoice the greatness can never inspire enough,

Your heart wished this truth may unfold on our living secret trades,

What a great moment crossed this achievement is yours as well?

God may understand who speaks out a speechless blessing on this mind,

Your homecoming thanks memories that gave me a family the most precious gifts of all,

More I try to discover these few words of footprints here,

Celebrating this I bond an experience of a lifetime in friendship spend with tomorrow’s leaders,

Listening unforgettable I break down into forgetting activities,

I remember some in its highest form facilitates doing well and doing good,

Someone makes this special need kept in the most natural way,

Making my childhood count on the blessing our world needs from you,

You need to be patient enough to listen to everybody when they could not be more wrong,

I feel vulnerable when hatred break a child's life with caution,

A decision at that time realize you don’t have all the answers,

If my child always feels life is his playground,

Let God accept this special connection as an expectation of growing together in his friendship,

I don’t mean to be missing something,

One day I will serve my old parents in this best way,

One prayer asks me no matter how they behave,

I will only say good and kind words to my dear parents,

My child will grow watching just a time I want to see them happy forever,

Let this unknown voice be considerate may always care selfless love on us,

I do know we have a generation gap,

Tomorrow your child will give birth to its parents,

A moment what has done will balance this tilt,

Sometimes I often ask you may watch this readiness to sacrifice how you grow up,

Your world is getting smaller and more interdependent than ever,

Expect a day anyone may not exploit you,

Once you get acclimatized that makes leadership in you,

For developing a sense of globality more important than ever,

Those blinders manage your childhood overcome its peer pressures and a force for good,

I know you always try to meet everyone's expectation,

Yet sometimes you must be bold to say no,

May this confusion let fate train you where you may ever go beyond what is right,

I understand life may be your true master embodied in the great love and living faith in God,

You have gained mastery over ego,

Yet I want this shadow to serve the shade of many unfortunate living creation here,

God never created any junk,

May your time exist without transcended answers for all this reality is a mirage,

This enthuses us a want you be attached to the world with a detached attitude,

When your journey uncomfortable dream a desire for wellspring of the great love within,

I want you hug this river may be every moment is a precious lesson,

A morning when you ask me,

Who will learn to be considerate if I am obsessed with what I feel is right?

Before I answer the thief I just saw ever looking for a creativity in you,

Take a feeling compassionate to gift the most courage God was so humbled to give you this day,

Connecting your questions understand that the enlightened being is not your search,

Only time my heart will one day stop is in front of the flow of these thoughts,

I will experience a deep silence for unknown voice within,

Here my mind will have only one expectation,

May you love the inexhaustible energy within,

For I have found this wanting gift as a compassion for all the peace God will grant us,

A time money cannot purchase the findings for granting this freedom,

A world where breeding ground of crime is waging war against each one of us,

A fear deep wounds and hurt feelings cannot conflict in society’s mind,

I ask you a simple favour,

May you never be ignorant what you want others to change first,

Don’t go this way for ever dancing like a house of cards in rules without dating for all these reasons,

Your limits will make you a humble person interpreting humility as a special commitment here,

Any other person who demand this unquestioning demanded discipline,

Let you express this innocent nature the more calls a test of your commitment within ????

© Copyright 2020 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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