What Happened to This Bully part 3B

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The previous events of the victims point of view. Who finally joins Mohit's friends to help interrogate the bully and his associate.

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018




These things, though interesting, are what could be expected in this kind of school, with this big of a fight. There was a far more interesting development, with Siddhant’s former victim. His torment by Siddhant stopped for good. You’d think it would have stopped after his first beat down by Mohit the twig, but nope, the fact that Siddhant tricked everyone into thinking that Mohit could no longer hurt him meant that the bullying continued after a 20-day hiatus, and this time it was much more physical as Siddhant wanted to display his physical prowess to whoever was watching, especially his friends and crushes. He was spreading slander about the Kumar faction and this would go well with his lies on how tough he was, and though his victim Shailesh Goswami was a bit tougher and more alert than he used to be, it wasn’t yet nearly enough to fight off Siddhant (this restart of his bullying is said to have provided extra motivation for Mohit and Kirti to batter him and his pal a few days later). Shailesh was an outcast and moron at social interactions. He had a strong dislike of meeting new people, and didn’t know who to trust in this new, all too violent school.

Shailesh Goswami had left his school as his parents disagreed with the obvious corruption in the school faculty, controversies of that school were so notorious that even the National education board wanted to break ties with the other D.A.V. school, and they aren’t picky. D.A.V. B.S.E.B. was the first choice as it had the second highest academic results of any public school in the area (its athletic achievement could match any other school in the whole country), and Shailesh just blankly nodded his head in approval when his parents suggested the school. They even knew of his harassment, but thought it wasn’t a big deal. “Ignore him”, they’d say.

In his new school, his already anxious, discriminatory, shy nature was amplified by the perpetual violence of his new school. He didn’t know who to trust and outright avoided making friends, not even Mohit was to be trusted, as he assumed that the fight was for something other than standing up for him. No one would stand up for a stranger in his previous school. Yes, his previous school was a place people here called a ‘flower garden’ (no or virtually no physical confrontations between students), but though the kids were too polite to scuffle each other, they were far less supportive of each other. Shailesh was in wonder on how nearly everyone had a group of people that would actually fight for each other and what they wanted, even the cowards here couldn’t be threatened, they all had their gangs, they were honest and weren’t afraid to ask what they wanted. Unlike his previous school, where most of the people were 2 faced liars, cheats, and people who didn’t have the balls to ask people what they really wanted and developed skills in duping and mooching things from others instead, their excessive meekness and their views that they were rarely sure who was guilty of anything preventing people from any physical confrontations over alleged cheating, blackmailing, duping, conning and the like of each other. In his previous school, people wouldn’t even stand up for each other, even verbally standing up to another student was a big deal, let alone having a trustworthy group of people having a group of friends to sort things out their way. As far as the latter. In the other DAV, this only occurred if a whole group of people transferred from another school; together. An exceedingly rare occurrence. A skim floating rumour, weaker than the liver demon legend to most of the people there.

This new culture of standing up for each other, honesty to your own friends, (there were a lot of liars, good ones, but that wasn’t the school culture, unlike his previous school). Fighting for everything they wanted instead of getting them through sneaky shady methods. Standing up to each other in any way necessary. This school was one where nearly everyone had a group.

Shailesh was the exception. His below zero social skills combined with a blanket distrust of the people in the school alienated him from the beginning. An inability to cope with confrontations, especially physical ones, led Siddhant to quickly find out his vulnerability, and his group of miscreants found it funny. From the first week they started daring Siddhant; already a wimp compared to most of the people in the school, to start bullying him, and Siddhant, who was so desperate for more popularity and the will to satisfy his giant misplaced ego, played along, and felt a sadistic pleasure in Shailesh’s panicky, timid and fear filled reactions that bullying Shailesh became his drug, one which he constantly desired in larger and larger quantities.

Thus, a thing that stared from rude words, ear pinches, pokes, escalated to feinted punches, shoves, condescending threats. This went on to hand facials, poking or chasing with geometric compasses or pins, grabbing wrists as he would cuss in his face. Sure enough this went to him beating up Shailesh unprovoked. Choking him unconscious in front of his friends as they surrounded him, even pushing him down the stairs. A guy managed to catch him as he tumbled down the steps and this is where Siddhant’s notoriety to Shailesh grew exponentially, became the gossip of the school. This is when Mohit and his friends started concocting the overly simple plan to defeat Siddhant.

Mohit ambushed and head pounded Siddhant into submission just days after he attempted to push his victim downstairs. Shailesh had a feeling of support and satisfaction after he overheard this had happened and his bullying temporarily stopped. Yet his years of education in his previous school gave him serious trust issues. He convinced himself that Mohit had only beat up his bully for any reason but him. That the guy who rescued him from a dangerous fall down the stairs just caught him because he didn’t want his disgusting body to bump into his sweet girlfriends right next to him. That no one noticed him and those who did saw him as less than a person, he had a reason to believe this as he didn’t fit into the brutal culture of the school where fighters were idolized. He started cutting himself, partly out of shame, but also to test his pain tolerance, which was low. He wanted to get tougher so bad.

As Shailesh was drowning in self-denial, the bully was sucking up to his friends and making up clever, slanderous lies about Mohit and his bunch, some of the rumours and gossip crossed Shailesh’s ears, and Shailesh did not hesitate to believe them. A school with this much fighting obviously had many bad things going on between people, and the bully restarted bullying him, this time even worse, and with a cynical sadistic expression on his face that scared him.

If you didn’t skip what I wrote before, this restarting of Shailesh’s bullying, along with misplaced revenge pranks and slander, led to the second huge fight between the two groups. Fierce and tough vs cheap shot and egobitch. A fight very fierce, intense and violent even for this school, where chairs could be heard clanging through the whole loud cafeteria, blows both armed and unarmed thudded off of the young adolescent bodies, where grunts of pain and exertion could be heard for 30 yards straight, where people crowded in the hundred to watch, many of hem standing on desks or held up by others to get a better view, people were fighting just to see that fight. Videos circulated of it throughout the school. Shailesh didn’t know what to think when he heard of the fight, didn’t care what the reason could be. The guys that stood up to him were junk, or they wouldn’t be so violent. He gave up the idea of making friends here, started thinking of trying to get out.

It was in no time that he noticed the bullying stopped, that people actually felt sorry for him, that Siddhant and his friends became outcasts in the school in a way that he never was. He now knew beyond doubt that people were looking out for him, yet he wasn’t sure of how those people were, people from both sides, he observed, were growled at and interrogated for using unfair moves in the fight, and while people who spread this news took pride in the brutal nature of these interrogations. The victim at first didn’t know what to think. Yet he was invited to the interrogation of Pankaj Dhare, who was guilty of using excessively lethal unfair moves in his fight with Kirti Kishore. Witnessing this taught him that at least some of the people there cared about fair fights.

Shailesh was found and called by Mohit, prince and Kirti Kishore as they were planning the interrogation of Pankaj Dhare, hey had already decided on the timings, Shailesh was an insider on Pankaj and Siddhant, he knew all about their bullying behaviour to him as he was the sole victim of this (as far as they knew). He was needed for deciding what questions to ask the bullies and help asking the questions themselves, but mostly providing content. Whatever he was good for, they needed his help when asking him these questions.

He was found by none other than Mohit Kumar and called to the discussion in between classes. They believed it wouldn’t take long, and needless to say, their school wasn’t very strict with coming on time. Mohit was called to an empty corner, the enormous school was filled with empty place no one seemed to walk past, and many where everyone seemed to gather all the time, yet they all knew a place, in an empty classroom, this one wasn’t ever even used for classes in the first place.

Shailesh was led to the group discussion where Mohit’s friends were sitting in a circle, right in the centre of the room, they were talking among themselves, not hushed, but not loud either, and a couple of people watching the door let him in after Mohit confirmed that it was indeed Shailesh (he had seen him getting harassed). He was led to the centre of the discussion.

The group had already decided the schedule of the interrogations, they knew when the interrogations could be held. When none of them had classes, and all of them were free. Pankaj and Siddhant’s class timings didn’t matter as they thought, those two missed so many classes that missing one more wouldn’t make that much of a difference, their crimes were to serious, and besides, they knew they would try to avoid the interrogation anyhow, classes or not. Besides, them having a class would mean fewer chances of people trying to prevent them from having Pankaj, or Siddhant. That was the first thing, they hadn’t decided who to question first.

Things like the open timings, locations, and some of the questions of the fight and their unethical moves. A thing they hadn’t decided was who to interrogate first. People strongly debated starting with Pankaj or Siddhant. They had voted, then it was pointed out that Shailesh wasn’t there in the vote, and they decided to wait for him.

“Who should we interrogate first?”, asked Sushant as he walked into the room. “Let him hear what we decided”, suggested Kirti, but they hadn’t decided anything yet, they were still unsure, and their previous vote was equal. Some thought that Pankaj should be interrogated first due to the fact that he used dangerous moves in the fight, in a fight which didn’t have such a big personal dispute behind it for him. He was simply thought of an equal opponent to counter Kirti Kishore and make the fight fair. The group was sure that Pankaj was fighting for something much greater and more sinister than simply equalising Kirti. They had a barrage of questions prepared on that. For Siddhant they wanted to know why he had to slander them and why he started bullying Mohit for no direct motive in the first place. They knew that beating him up would not be enough to stop his behaviour, but he wasn’t that tough of a bully, he would stop messing with Shailesh if he was accepted into their friend group, they wanted the whys of him bullying Shailesh in the first place, and Pankaj’s involvement. Prince had the idea that Pankaj formed some conspiracy to keep Shailesh bullied for as long as possible. Many agreed, they needed to know what that was.

“I know what you guys mean, but we really should interrogate Siddhant first”, stated Shailesh. He was the one who started this whole mess in the first place, and you people say that he made up lies about him just because Mohit here defeated him”, he explained. “Do you have any idea what Pankaj did in the fight?”, Advit questioned. Like most, Shailesh had heard of the fight mentioned, and had seen a crowd watching a fight a few days before. He heard it was pretty loud over there, but he didn’t notice anything unusual about the loudness of the cafeteria, it always was loud enough to almost hurt your ears, with brawls and bickering upping the volume of the normal conversations to a point where a normal school canteen seemed like a quiet library in comparison. Shailesh had even wore ear buds to the cafeteria one day, but he was singled out and humiliated by Siddhant, who teased him as ‘weak ears’ and repeatedly punched and slapped both his ears, then pulled them upwards really hard, enough to stretch them if he had done it longer, but he didn’t hold them there long, if they did stretch Siddhant would never let him hear the end of it, so the next day he stopped wearing earplugs completely. No matter how loud the cafeteria was.

“Isn’t Pankaj the one who controls Siddhant?”, pointed Shailesh.  The others agreed that this was probably true to an extent, Pankaj was stronger and tougher than Siddhant, if anyone was controlling the other, it would be Pankaj controlling Siddhant and not the other way around. To support this was the fact that it was always Siddhant bullying Shailesh, Pankaj would have Siddhant do all the dirty work to make himself look okay. Then later he could either betray him or not betray him, and it seemed like he had betrayed him. Thus, this logic claimed that it would be easier to get answers and information from Siddhant than from Pankaj. And that Siddhant would be easier and more accurate in giving info about Pankaj than the other way around, they would have to interrogate both of them, anyway. And Siddhant was the one who was badly betrayed by Pankaj’s extremely dirty fight moves. They inferred that Pankaj tried to betray him by making both of them look bad. ‘Siddhant has such a savage unethical brute as his friend’ they would say.

Their plan finally was to interrogate Siddhant first, with two types of questions, one type of why and how he was bullying Shailesh, and another set on how Pankaj and his other associates were involved. They had a few base questions decided and were gonna make sure they didn’t get off topic, but they didn’t over think this, an interrogator needs to be in the moment. And sure enough, the whole thing would be recorded in secret, so that they could review it later.

Soon came the day when Siddhant Choudhary was available, because of his lost popularity there weren’t many people around him to resist when he was called upstairs to be interrogated by the group, and he complied as they led him upstairs to an empty room under the room, a small box with unpainted concrete walls and exactly one brown wooden door to contrast the room’s grey interior, which itself was in contrast to the old graffitied walls of most of the school building (which was about 60 years old). They had chosen this room because it was never used and would this have no distractions, which according to a few of the group, was good as there would be no distractions. When they finally had him stand in the centre of that room, they took places. Armed with brass knuckledusters, two experienced fighters Rohan and Manoj guarded the door, Kirti stood in front of Siddhant, and Sushant paced around in an arc behind him, the others either encompassed Siddhant in a rough circle, or waited downstairs for them to be done.

They kept this arrangement for a few seconds. Then Shailesh spoke up, “Siddhant, what happened to you?”, he said, “What made you start telling lies about these people here”. “What do you mean?”, replied Siddhant. “I mean why did you start spreading false rumours about the people in this room”. Siddhant was silent. “Just because you lost a fight with Mohit, that doesn’t mean you have to make up rumours about all of us to inflate your ego”, said Kirti.  “I didn’t lie about anyone”, said Siddhant with a straight face. A few of the people in the room started laughing, a few more displayed light grins and chuckles. “Are you saying that I’m your grandmother”, Sushant’s voice flooded the room and far beyond. People downstairs could be heard laughing, “Don’t deny what you did”, he roared. 

Siddhant shuddered. Just the sight of an angry Sushant next to him made him nervous. Sushant wasn’t angry often. Not because of his temper (which was short), but because he was so strong and intimidating that no one ever wanted to annoy him even in this school. Standing at 6’4 with trunk like legs and pole like mahogany arms, challenging him required a combination of large balls and small brain on a bad day, and not even then, his habit of carrying a first aid kit with him for the people he beat up proved to be a huge deterrent to the homophobic, and a surprising number of big balled noodleheads were homophobic, his normally kind nature meant that vigilante minded people were effectively deterred, and his temper, which was loose and could go from calm to raging bull in the metaphorical flick of a switch (you had little chance to mentally prepare yourself for his anger), deterred almost everyone else. This meant that his temper was not just feared, but uncommon, which made it all the scarier.

“O.K., Kirti never cheated on his girlfriend, and Mohit here isn’t taking steroids”, he admitted in fear. “What else was he lying about”, muttered Prince to the rest of his friends, “I heard that he said that Ronit Sardar was visiting brothels with stolen money” said Rohan. “I heard that Prince Panday had helped rob a vending machine”, Advit mentioned. Kirti noticed all this, he signalled everyone else to calm down. “We know every wrong thing you said about us”, said Kirti in a solid voice. “If we find out that there is one false rumour you don’t admit to starting, you will pay for it”, stated he matter of factly. “So tell us all your lies”.

Sushant raised up his fists to enforce this as he acted like he was in a volatile state and about to blow (its very hard to tell if he’s acting or not). With his taped fists faint in the dim light of the room. Siddhant let out the barrage of lies he had made about Mohit and his friends. Prince and Kirti soon realized that these weren’t just random lies, they were set together in a way that would make people believe them, with alibies, and realistic plausible false backstories. Kirti and the others started to ask him details about this web of lies, how they all fit together, and very soon Sushant realized what they were doing and got really angry. Everyone tried to calm him down, and he did. While Sushant wasn’t the quickest witted, he did happen to be one of the core members of the top 6 f the Kumar faction. Accustomed to hearing major conspiracies against his faction. He had enough sense to know what was going on, and he returned his expression to a calm one, though he was very thrilled at what he was hearing on the inside.

When they got around to why he said this many lies everyone but Kirti and Shailesh was asked to stay calm, as the duo, with a few hiccups on the quite bit, wrung out Siddhant’s motives for all of this. How the others were involved in his revenge. “Pankaj and Arpit dared me to say these lies, and I was the one to make up all the links and fake backstories and alibis, I fleshed them out”. “Come on”, pointed Prince, “you’re not that smart, you may make up lies but forming these complex backstories are too much for your little brain to handle”, he said, “who helped you make them!”.

“I am much smarter than you all think”, lied Siddhant, “I came up with every story I just told you”.  “Yeah, even I could have come up with those stories, I’ll write a bunch of them and you’ll have to read them tomorrow, you’ll pay if you don’t, I know they will be better than yours”, Sushant sarcastically boasted, even Siddhant knew well that Sushant was a comically pathetic story writer. And Siddhant hated reading, let alone reading Sushant’s lame chicken scratch. Siddhant tried to hide his disgust at the idea, but Kirti could sense it. “Pankaj betrayed you by cheating in the fight with me, I know it, you can join our friend group instead if you tell us if he helped you with the alibis in any way. Siddhant admitted that Pankaj knew 2 exam toppers Aditya and Suraj, they had helped him make up the backstories during night-time board games.

“If you want to be friends with our friends there is another thing you have to do”, stated Mohit. “What”, answered Siddhant. “You have to tell us why you started bullying Shailesh here in the first place”. “Yeah, why did you behave like that”, said Shailesh.

 “OK, first of all, tell me exactly what I have to do to become your friends, and what is expected of me after I become your friends”, he stated. “I won’t stay with you if you don’t keep up to your word”. They listened to his statement. “You have to make sure you tell us exactly how it is with Pankaj and his group”, stated Kirti. “And what made you insecure enough to have to pick on me”, added Shailesh. “You will have to be honest with us in everything, or at worst not say anything at all, it would be better if you told us things though”, said Rohan, who didn’t even bother to turn around from his guard stance. Lokesh mentioned a thing about having to play games with them, but the others disagreed. “If you do anything we don’t like on purpose, we will get you out”, said Prince.

“And most important, don’t disagree with me”, rumbled Sushant. The others wished they could roll their eyes, as unsurprisingly, Sushant’s size, mean temper and intimidating appearance meant that people were scared to even argue with him, and this had made him kinda arrogant. They had to agree with him most of the time, even if he was wrong, yet luckily this wasn’t always the case, like last year when he got in dispute with Kirti. He may have been far bigger and tougher than he was, Kirti may not have lasted much more than what seemed like a minute and was probably much shorter, but when Kirti fights, he means it, and at least for a moment Sushant may have gotten it as well (the fact that what he got to doing backfired probably helped). These were very few things to expect of them. And this was good, it would be easier to see if he was suitable and to vet him for a wide variety of undesirable quantities. They were gonna be a lot tougher on him then most of them were saying.  

And so, they started planning the interrogation of Pankaj Dhare, Siddhant’s information was of real help in thinking up what to ask him. They would now not let him go on as a friend of theirs at least for now. Siddhant was reminded that whatever he said about Pankaj Dhare was recorded, and that he couldn’t back track on his words, “You have to be honest with Pankaj on what you told us and think of him, we’ll be there to help if you need any, so don’t be afraid of him”, said Manoj as they headed out of the room.

They had been in the room for at least an hour, but the classes they missed were ones no one liked. As they headed down they saw Pankaj and a couple others, it seemed like they intended to fight their way up to the top, but everyone got scared that the staircase was greased or booby trapped, and even if not that they would be brutally knocked down the stairs by Rohan, Manoj and maybe the people inside, they decided to outwait them, but only 3 people bothered to wait long enough for the interrogation to end, and they weren’t gonna do whatever they had planned, they moved away. Sushant grabbed Pankaj by the shirt collar and said, “When we call you, you will come”, and the teachers didn’t take notice when they entered late for the next class. As far as they were concerned, it was totally worth it.  

© Copyright 2020 saswat. All rights reserved.

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