My Voice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



Little voices run around from mouths that just started to grow

teeth, and banging windows, clanging symbols of what we once thought was


but in fact

was loving mothers, smiling with teeth in all the right

places, and one of these days my

teeth will be in full

and i will be able to open windows

and close them as hard or as


as i want to.


My voice will be deeper,

my voice will be my voice

andmyvoice will carry meaning with

deep toned sympathy for all the

lil’ little teethed people. and my

voice will fade; my voice will be re-

placed, and white gunk will fill my

gums as i take my

dentures out and shake them at the little no-teethed

tiny voiced creatures i will call my



I want my voice to change, to reverberate with

feeling: to shake hearts and warm

bones — i want my voice to win over, to spurn a-

way, to make lovers love to love and haters learn

to love, and maybe, one day, my voice will get a chance

to say everything I wanted it to when time was abundant and

love was resplendent; yet neither is true now, and dentures and

gum-cream will be seen for me in a blink of an eye,

and life loses color and tones, and the

ground will cover my lungs — my voice trapped till

the resurrection. Then I’ll sing. And Perfect Tones become from me A

Symphony; love comes easy, then; I wane, yet my soul, ready, yearns for years of

rest — my voice will then be refreshed,


and I’ll sing. Silence now — you’re speaking.

© Copyright 2019 Elliot Stokes. All rights reserved.

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