As Kings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

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As an image we pass by, only our sons remain in the last, everything seems like an illusion but this helmet, this sword, shield, armour... This soul, this is... Spirit stays the same.

From old forgotten days to now we carry our banner, as kings... I carry the light of Aman in my eyes... An elven king

Table of Contents

I didn’t

I didn’t desire a thing from you except your love… Love comes from heart… So I didn’t want anything from you except your heart…... Read Chapter

I carry the light of Aman in my eyes... An elven king

The light of Aman is Two Trees which is in my bones, my soul, my breath, my eyes… I’m fed of sorrow, it is time for revenge, it is ti... Read Chapter

You know my name

If you look at my eyes you can see the Two Trees, the eyes of an elf that came from Aman… The Two Trees will be like two silhouettes... Read Chapter

Yes, I'm a king...

Yes, I’m a king… Not my words only because those who know CursedFeanor said so. My Clan [Eryn Lasgalen], members of it said so. My ... Read Chapter

Be my friend, be my saviour, be my brother

So the days we were happy as brothers, so we were the ones. We could be Feanor and Felagund as the Maedhros and Fingon… No one could re... Read Chapter


When I’m the king, my lands are everlasting green. All kinds of flowers in all colours of the Middle-earth beside the shining stream ... Read Chapter

Be our king

  Be our king When I say I’m the king I am… I was told I was the king, and that was for real… No matter how many peopl... Read Chapter


If you look down, you see earth, you see the land of Arda which was once only a music… If the dwarves dig the earth deep to f... Read Chapter


When you’re a king you must be a king… When you are an Elven-King you must love the Eldar. You must fight like the devil with Morgoth... Read Chapter

I'll find a way

I'll lead you my scattered people, as I'm the king of Noldor, I'll find a way. ... Read Chapter

Soul of a noble heart

And when the leaves have fallen in colours of red, orange, yellow I fell in love with you. It was on Middle-earth where we call our home ... Read Chapter

Never Forget

Never forget that you are a king CursedFeanor... -Miriel- ... Read Chapter

Statue of an elven girl

It’s hard to reach you, in elder forest, it is hard to hear a word from you. Everything, every tree, Eldar, birds, every creature even ... Read Chapter

"My King"

If you're a king you must learn to say "My King" once as I did to Finwe as I'm an image of him ...CursedFeanor Paladin Ki... Read Chapter

The unknown lady inside of you

Your love to me is as a king… And it should be. But it is not that only when you search your heart. We have been through lots of things... Read Chapter

A Love of Elvish

In an elvish language you speak, in an elvish mind you think, your elven heart, beat with the forest with Mirkwood, our hearts will alw... Read Chapter

Before, there was Beleriand

Before, there was Beleriand… Before there were days of laughter… When I understood that I love you before you did… You wo... Read Chapter

Silence of darkness

  It’s the only thing I seek now, I understand at last… It is the silence of the darkness… No star even speak as I cannot ... Read Chapter

King and the Sentinel

  We are the kings, we are the image of long forgotten souls… You fight for the king, you serve for the king, you serve for yo... Read Chapter

As Kings

  As an image we pass by, only our sons remain in the last, everything seems like an illusion but this helmet, this sword, shi... Read Chapter

As a noble soul

  You fought a guard of borders of Green Forest… You never hesitated to do so, you were the king but you beside them your best... Read Chapter


  There he rides with the best of his men around, with the standard of Noldor in their hands, beside the king carrying PaladinBl... Read Chapter


There shall be only one ruler. An elven-king named Feanor claims that he is the king. “Ha ha ha…” I laugh at him. My laughter is be... Read Chapter

Standard of Noldor

“It was an ordinary day… Everything was silent as death. We were not expecting any trouble…” the Sentinel continued to tell the s... Read Chapter

Paladin King

They saw him, yes they did with the eyes of guards… He was fighting like a devil, he was knocking over the Balrogs like matches… His ... Read Chapter

We are coming

“We are coming, my king…” they were carrying standards of Noldor, riding to reach their king in the middle of darkness… ? ... Read Chapter

All alone

There he fights all alone, the King... ? ... Read Chapter

Blacksmith of souls

There are lots of souls which wait to be forged by the blacksmith of time. Some, only some shine after the process but all of them burned... Read Chapter

That you are a king

  When your heart-broken, your heart is broken When you love-still, you love still When there is no turning-back, no tur... Read Chapter

Beloved King

The World was limitless between the Great Sea and the forest, we could dwell wherever our heart desired. And we chose the forests of Bele... Read Chapter

After all these years

“King? The King? Are you sure that he…” “No question, he was our king.” “Afer all years, after all the pain... Read Chapter

Face me Morgoth, you coward

  He was king of kings, he stood there all alone against Morgoth with the soul of thousands of men from his kin and said: “F... Read Chapter

Kill them all

You fight in the mud, in blood, in pain with all the violence of war against an unspeakable mob of orcs. No chance given to them, they ... Read Chapter

I’ll not fail you

You are in the arms of one of the beloved princess of Noldor, in cold ice desert of Helcaraxë… Your people try to cross their faith…... Read Chapter

All I want

  “This is a story of long lost years without hope. Our story of Noldor after Two Trees, after Finwe… Am I to tell all of ... Read Chapter

Forgotten Souls

They have fallen like leaves in colours of red, orange, yellow, when lights of the last sun, almost seemed like the armours. They had n... Read Chapter

Come as a friend, come as a brother

Come as a friend, come as a brother, since we are the images of kings since we are the beloved ones of Finwe… Come, O my brother, since... Read Chapter

Not a Word

Everyone looks at me, everybody listens to me Not even a word would you hear from my lips My lips are sealed about our faith in t... Read Chapter

Am I not the King

...And CursedFeanor turns to Muile: "Am I not the King?"   Muile salutes him with his mandolin, saying in gr... Read Chapter

In the dreams of Middle-Earth

From the age of kings, I call you, I call all of your names that you all unique, well-beloved, worthy, dear… That when you wa... Read Chapter

Instead of lips

When hands speak instead of lips, one would say "I love you Nerdanel in this Autumn and till the end of time..." The other hand ans... Read Chapter

By my side, right beside me

By my side, right beside me All the seasons have flown away, all was a dream of elven-mind, illusions elvish stories, maybe… Maybe ... Read Chapter

The exile

The exile You are not alone, kings always forgive, that's all. Only be free, an elf a beautiful soul you're come back from the exile of... Read Chapter

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