Rowdy Women

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Its just a poem that summarizes a few that i have known and how I felt about them at the time..

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



She likes to get crazy

in a back street bar.

She's anything but lazy

in the rear seat of my car.

She loves to get high

then she's a whole lot more of the same.

Come six o'clock next morning

its only herself to blame.


Rowdy women,

having fun doing 69...

Rowdy women,

my pleasure every time..

Rowdy women,

fighting on the court house floor,

Rowdy women,

you gotta raise hell to get to heaven

then go do it some more!


She's got three children

and only one man,

but she made the first two

on a separate one night stand.

When she gets really loca

you never know whats in store,

She's not asking very much

but she'll sure as hell take more.


Rowdy women,

lovin' with all of their soul…

Rowdy women,

might stay with you till you are gray and old..

Rowdy women,

they are a party every time..

Rowdy women,

worth a hard earned dime…


Shes a bit famous,

with her local notoriety…

In a way she's a lot like me

when she says to hell with leftist society..

Its real world in all of its splendid magnificence

when we live in the land of liberty.


Rowdy women,

give me a roll in the midnight hay..

Rowdy women,

with you we are here to stay..

Rowdy women,

rebels until the day that we die...

All you rowdy women,

When our time comes that they lay us low,

we'll never have to explain any reasons why when we go.








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