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this is about a girl who is blind and deaf due to her fathers drunk abusing

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



Hi, I'm Amelia walker and I'm 15 years old. My life is very different than the average person's. I walk around every day hoping not to walk into things and hoping no one is staring or talking about me, I live a very quiet life. All I here every day is silence a whole lot of silence. Life is hard when you can't hear what people are saying and you can't order at a restaurant, but it makes it 100 times worse when you can't see where you're going or what's in front or you or what u say is the love of your life. If you have not already figured it out I'm blind and deaf and I have been since I was 5. you are probably thinking to yourself right now " how is it the she has been blind and deaf since she was 5" well here's how it all started.

( 11 years earlier )


It all started when I was 5. My mother had sent me outside to play. It was a cool summer evening not a cloud in the sky. I sat on the sidewalk playing with my chock when I heard a loud bang from inside. I jolted my head back towards the house to see my mom running out and get in the car. I stood up and started walking to the car as she backed out and sped off, She forgot about me. I walked in the house to see the table flipped over and papers everywhere and my dad was not in sight. I walked to the living room to see my dad sitting slouched over on the chair only my mother sits in. I ask him why he is sitting there but I get no answer. I ask again and still no answer, this time I get a little closer than ask again even louder. Just as I finish he swings his head around and stands up. He is standing over stop of me now and I'm scared I ask him again even louder and more powerful than before and next thing I know I'm on the floor with blood everywhere my legs and arms are sore and my head is pounding and then nothing. When I wake up I see people I don’t know and bright lights and my head is still spinning and then nothing. What feels like a few seconds later I  feel my eyes open but I can't see or hear a thing.

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