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Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018




Why why why why

I’ve said this so many times that it no longer feels like a word

Monsters reside in other places besides under the bed or within dark rooms but sometimes they thrive in dark eyes and calloused hands

Your hands are something I’ve tried to forget

But how can I when I constantly feel them holding me down and claiming me for yourself

Stop stop stop stop

I pleaded this so many times but I guess it didn’t register as a word

Perhaps your brain was too preoccupied undressing my vulnerability that it tuned out my despondent cries

and monsters don’t only live inside closets but sometimes they are found within the dark corners of my mind constantly whispering those faint words in your gravelly voice

I tell you no

I repeat this word

No no no no


But all you heard was yes

Yes yes yes yes


And I pushed you away but in turn you pulled me close and I shoved and I stumbled and I numbed myself to your body as I focused on the lucent light of the moon

And I stared at the faintness of the stars and understood how they felt…

To appear and feel so small

A speck of restrained light burning as bright as it possibly can but still remaining so dim to those you shine for

And I wonder if you can possibly fall asleep

Knowing the things that occurred in that dark space

I wonder if you too experience the trembling nightmares and constant fear that makes me avoid closing my eyes for even a minute because I will be able to see you there

One hand on my breast the other in my shorts

You looked around with worry in your eyes afraid someone will see and with this I know that you knew what you were doing was wrong

Yet you continued and

you continued

and you touched me

until all of my flesh rubbed off onto yours

And you left me as a graveyard

Housing the body I once called my own

© Copyright 2018 Rayne Laury. All rights reserved.

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