the girl

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Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



The air around smelled of sweet scented flowers. She couldn’t distinguish the type of flora and therefore assumed it be a mix of beautiful colourful blooms, all shapes and sizes. She looked across to the other side of the room, where she had entered the small building. Her mother had told her to go to this place after study and she obliged. She loved her mother, and she knew her mother knew her best. She smiled at the thought of her. 

Facing forward, she began to take tentative strides to the door where the scattered aromas were resting behind. The door handle approached her steadily, and with an outreached arm, placed her hand on the globular brass-coloured door handle. A moment passed with her pondering whether she ought to turn the handle or turn around and leave. She felt shaky and faint, not knowing what to do. Undecided, she put her left hand in her pocket and drew out a fifty pence piece. Her thoughts that she could toss this coin into the air and whatever side it would land on would make her decision. She chose Heads to represent Entering and Tails to represent Leaving. 

Taking in a deep breath, her right hand still clinging onto the door handle, she flipped the coin into the air. She hadn’t realised how far she had been able to throw it; she must have been so tense, she thought. As she watched the coin spinning in the air, she wondered what result she would like the coin to leave. 

The coin landed on the granite floor with a clink, and realising she hadn’t put her hand out to catch it again, she had to bend down to see what it had decided for her. Heads. 

Looking up at the door, she reached out with her right hand and slowly turned the handle. The door opened with a slight creak. After pausing for a moment, she entered the room. 


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