Angelic Fall

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This story contains content that might be triggering to some people. (Rape and beatings) Please read at your own risk. This is also a sequel to Decent. Please read that one as well.

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018



It might not be above the clouds and they might have to work to survive down here. Sophia doesn't really care as long as they are with the person that they love. They are both living in Hawaii at the moment because Julia wants to live close to their parents.

Sophia has never met them before. They don't know if they ever will. Duncan says that they have abandoned him and want nothing to do with him. He said that they wanted him to either be an astrophysicist or an astronaut. When he decided to be a writer they just stopped talking and supporting him.

"Big brother, I told mom and dad that you got married five years ago and not only is it your birthday but your anniversary." Julia says with a huge smile on her face.
Duncan is curious on why she looks like it is something good. "What did they think? That a failure like me shouldn't have a wife?"

"No, they thought that you got married to a guy. You could never keep a girlfriend in high school. I guess they thought that you were secretly gay." She grins and sits down next to him. "Mom and dad want to meet her. Although, they still think that she is probably a guy."

Duncan clenches his hands together. "I don't think going would be a good idea."
"Why not? Don't you miss being with them?" Julia questions. She doesn't really know what happened between them but they did force her to go into the medical field and she does remember that. Don't they just want her to be able to make a living?
"They don't like me because I did not do what they wanted me to do. It was a slow process from when I was in middle school, but I got there without their help."
"I think that they have changed, Duncan. Couldn't you just give them one more chance."
"I guess that I could do that. Only if you tell them what you always wanted to do."
She gasps. "But you know they won't like that. I might not have enjoyed school or even working in the medical field. If I were to tell them that I want to preform and dance for a living that wouldn't be good."
"So, they haven't changed at all then huh?" Duncan looks out at the ocean seeing nothing but endless water. Then being immortal doesn't give him the powers to see across the sea to the next part of land. Would be nice if it would. Then he could see where they could travel after his parents disown him a second time. "I'll give them another chance but the minute they say anything I don't like I'm leaving with Sophia and I'll pick you up when you're done."
Julia nods and runs into the water to splash around. She looks like she is dancing with the waves. Duncan is glad that she still acts like a kid inside.
His writing does make him a lot of money but he also has a sex business to hold up. He doesn't have any employees at the moment unless you count Sophia. Does a romantic partner really count? "Don't tell my parents that you are a sex worker Phi. Just tell them that you edit my writings."
"I'm learning how to read English and all of it's grammar rules. I can't really do that yet." They fiddle with their fingers and Duncan pulls them close to him.
"Trust me and say that's what you do. They can not learn about my business."
"Julia knows."
"Julia knows everything about me. My parents know absolutely nothing except for the fact that I am an author, and in their opinion, failed as their child."
Sophia is confused on why any parent would be like that. If their father was accepting of them for who they were then why isn't every parent like that? "Okay, I don't understand it, but I will do what you say, Master Duncan." They kiss his cheek. "No matter what your parents think, I don't think you are a failure."
Duncan gently strokes their wings. Not in a way that will send a sexual sensation, but more of something that is soothing and calming. Sophia has taught him many ways to touch their wings without pain or a sexualized feeling. "I know that you don't. I could be the most unsuccessful man out there and you would still think that I successful. I'm so lucky that I didn't have to wait 'til the end of my life to meet you. I know that I don't tell you enough." He pushes them down and lays on top of them still touching their wings except this time it is sexual.
"You know I am immobilized when you do that, Master Duncan."
"That's the point. I own you and it's not like you are going anywhere anyways. Now, tell me about how you are never going to leave me. I want to hear it again."
"Ever since I saw you on your eighteenth birthday fifteen years ago I fell in love with you. I decided that once you ascended I would be there for you for eternity to serve you in the afterlife." Their breathing is uneven and their voice wavers as they speak. "Ever since I was pushed five years ago I hoped that I would be able to find you. I landed in front of you at your house and you took me in. I didn't want you to do anything sexual to me at first but I lied to you so I could stay with you and i didn't want to captured and sold to anyone else. Once you were given immortality from my old friend I was elated that I could serve you for an eternity. I was happy about it because I love you more than anything else."
"Good girl. I love to hear your perspective of the story." He wraps his legs around theirs and start kissing their neck. "You give life to my stories. My newer ones sell better because of that. I don't know what I did to deserve you." He wraps his arms around their neck. "Stay like this with me and I won't hurt you."
"Yes, Master Duncan, anything you request." They both close their eyes and Sophia rubs his back.
"Good girl." He starts to drifted off in his sleep.
Sophia opens their eyes and looks over in Julia's direction. She looks as if she doesn't have a care in the world. She's only a year younger than Duncan but she always seems to be full of energy like a young kid. She must give her patients so much hope.
Sophia wraps her arms around Duncan and starts to fall asleep with him while watching Julia.

The road there seemed to go on forever. Julia said that she would drive so Duncan could spend more time with Sophia in the back. Julia thinks that it is more of a thing for comfort since he is seeing his parents for the first time since he was sixteen. She doesn't see why he would be avoiding them for that long, but he seems to be upset at them for one reason or another.
"Keep your wings tucked away. It wouldn't be good if they found out what you are." Duncan tells Sophia in a hushed voice. They tuck them away and they lean over on Duncan. "I like how that outfit looks on you. Did you pick this one up yourself?"
Sophia smiles at the compliment. "I did. I bought it with the money that you gave me for work. I thought that you would like it."
"Not as modest as when you first came here. It shows a lot of your skin. And I don't think that I've ever seen you in a skirt that short." Duncan moves his hand between their legs and starts to tease with them.
They close their legs together locking his hand in place but it has already made it inside of them. "Master Duncan, should you really be doing this in front of your sister?"
"She's not looking and you just look so appealing. Don't make a sound or else Julia might look back here."
They nod and their legs tighten up as he continues to play with their insides. It is becoming incredibly difficult for them not to moan or make any noise at all. They close their eyes as their legs move uncontrollably.
"Good girl, I know this feels good. My angel is such a slut.  She won't ever tell me to stop because she enjoys it too much. Am I right, Phi."
They nod their head quickly.
"Good." He slips his other hand under their blouse and their bra to start playing with their chest. "Your struggle to stay quiet is adorable." The scene goes on for around twenty minutes until they all arrived at Duncan and Julia's parent's house.
"Julia, Welcome!" An elderly woman says as she embraces Duncan's sister. Looking past Julia she sees Duncan. "And who are you?"
Great, Duncan's mother doesn't even recognize him. He could probably just leave and it wouldn't matter. The only reason why he doesn't is because Julia wants him here. "I'm Duncan Banks. You know, your son you abandoned seventeen years ago for being a failure."
The lady laughs. "Don't lie to an old lady honey. Writers are too poor to dress as nice as you do. Besides, he would be in his mid thirties now. You look too young to even be that old."
Is this what immortality does. Stop your aging and stop you from experiencing death? He had never noticed, then again, he never asked Sophia how old they were. On top of that, they dont look like they have aged a day. "Potion of youth can do that to you."
"Duncan, don't start being sarcastic to mother! You know she doesn't take it well." Julia snaps.
"Wait, so you really are my son? Where is your wife then?"
"She's right next to me. Can't you see her? She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen." He puts his arm over their shoulders and Sophia just leans into him.
"With your history of women I wouldn't be surprised if you pay her to stay with you."
Julia backs away from her mother. "Mom! Can't you just be nice to him?"
"I've had chances to leave him. I don't get paid to stay with him. I love him and I have for a long time." Sophia says quietly but loud enough for everyone to here. "I don't see why a parent would put their child down so much, and have such little faith in him."
"They've always been like this Sophia. Come on, let's go. I don't want to deal with this anymore."
As they start walking out a car pulls into the driveway, and out comes his father. "Ah Duncan, it's so nice to see my failure of a son again. I see you are dressing like you are actually a successful person."
"I am, it's better to find success in something you are actually good at. Now if you'll excuse me we are leaving." Duncan continues to walk off but his father grabs him by the collar of his shirt.
"You don't think you can not visit us for seventeen years and get married while not inviting me and expect to not be punished. Do you?" He pushes his son down to his hands and knees and steps in front of him.
"No Father, I don't have to do this anymore."
"I see, so would you rather me do it to your wife then? She looks like she will be a fine person to put my seed into."
"No! Don't touch her!" Everyone stops what they were doing and stares at them.
"That's what I thought." Duncan's father waves back at his wife and Julia and they continue to talk like they were before. "My wonderful daughter-in-law, why don't you go somewhere for some time."
"We're leaving after this, so just wait outside the gate." They nod and walk out.
"You've always loved your daddy and I know it."
"You know I don't care anything about you."
"That's why you need to be punished. You will learn to love me again and next time you leave the state I will just follow you wherever you go."
Duncan stays silent not really wanting to stay with him he never liked his punishments. Sometimes he would be punished just because his mom didn't want to or didn't satisfy him enough.
His dad starts to undo his pants and his meat is sticking right out of it. "Come on, I know you've missed this."
"I'm straight, Father, and you are revolting."
"Revolting, where did you learn that word? That's not nice to tell your father." He shoves himself inside of Duncan's mouth. "You better swallow everything that I give you or else it will last longer."
Duncan's eyes fall to the ground as his father thrusts himself inside of him. He doesn't want it, but he doesn't have a choice of he wants to keep Sophia safe from him.
"Come on now, use your tongue. I know you have one. The more you resist the longer it is going to take me to climax. I want to be able to do it for all the time I haven't been able to. Seventeen years, Duncan, and never once did you tell me where you were living. Guess what, I've made a deal with someone that allows me to find you no matter where you go. So if you know what's good for you and your wife you'll stay in this house. Not like you have to go anywhere to write anyways."
Duncan tenses up and comes to the realization that he will never truly be able to escape his parents. He might be like his father towards women, but since he has met Sophia he has only done it to her with her consent and no one else.
"What you won't even look at me? How will I know that you are in pain or secretly enjoying it? You know that you like it, son."
No, he doesn't and nothing will change that. He has never liked it and doesn't think he ever will. His father climaxes sooner than usual, probably because he is not used to being inside someone any more.
"Now, call your wife back in and tell her you two are not leaving."
"I will not. We are leaving and that is final."
His father knees him in the face. "What do you mean by that? You don't care about her do you?"
"Of course I do! You will have to kill me first before you can get to her!" Duncan shouts as he looks up and his face looks black and blue.
He gets kick in his stomach and slides across the ground. "I can arrange that. Are you sure that you want to go that far?"
"You can't kill me. Sophia, help me get out of here!"
They jump in the air and swoop down to pick him up. "Are you okay Master Duncan? You were laying on the ground and you looked like you were being beat up."
"My father can get pretty violent if he doesn't get what he wants."
"I see where are we going to next?"
"Back to our other house if you think you can fly that far."
"I can fly that far, but are you okay with going that far?"
"I will go as far as I need to go to get away from my father."
"Even if that means leaving your sister behind?"
"She'll be okay." Duncan looks down and sees nothing but ocean underneath them. It would be a long way down if he falls, but Sophia has flown him places before, so he trusts them.
Once they get back and land on the ground Duncan wraps his arms around Sophia and starts to cry. Sophia hasn't ever seen him cry before. They have seen them angry and frustrated which are usually expressed in the same way. "You going to be alright Master Duncan? I'm here for you if you are not. I will always be here for you."
"I know you will. I've never told anyone this, but my father has a tendency to rape me whenever I am around him. In order to keep you out of it I had to send you away so you would not have to endure it too. I don't want to see them again Phi."
"They didn't seem like the nicest of people. Well, you are not near them anymore. It's just you and me."
"Thanks Sophia. Let's go inside. I just want to sleep."
"You don't need sleep anymore though."
"I know, I just want to. Will you come with me?"
They both head over to their bed that is rarely used. It is mostly because they are busy a lot of the time and usually don't need to use it. Sophia curls up next to him holding onto his shirt.
Duncan rubs their back but doesn't touch their wings. "I think that I might meet with some of our employees tomorrow, just to check up on them."
"Do you want me to come with?"
"No, just stay here in case Mr. Davey shows up. He's been keeping our house clean while we have been gone. It would be nice if you gave him some free service for his help."

It is quiet in the large house that Sophia and Duncan live in. Normally it is unless they have guests over. Duncan is expecting Justin Davey to come over and check up on the house today. He also wants Sophia to pleasure him when he stops by. They wouldn't be getting paid this time, it would just be for free as a thanks for watching over the house for six months.
They are just grammar checking Duncan's writing when they hear a knock on the door. They rush over to the door to great whoever it is although they are sure that they know who it is. Opening up the door wide they smile. "Welcome Da- Whait, you're not Mr. Davey."
Duncan's father stands in front of them. Even though they are around the same height he gives off the impression that he is taller than them. "I don't know who that is, but tell me where your husband is."
They shake their head. "For his safety, I refuse. You hurt him yesterday and I don't know how you got here so fast but you should just leave."
Sophia starts to shut the door but he just puts his foot in the way. "I don't think you understand, it is either you or him."
"We don't serve relatives, especially abusive ones."
He prise the door open. "So you two do run a sex company. Then I'll be sure to pay you well."
"Father, just leave. You don't have an appointment and we don't serve relatives."
He pushes them against a wall straddling their throat. Their wings flare out as they try to get him off of them. He takes off their bottoms with his free hand, and since it just slips on it was easy to take off. He seems to be more interested in the wings that are flapping around. "I see. So an angel fell and didn't come to me. What a shame." He plucks a feather out of their wing and they let out a scream of pain. "What, did that hurt? How about this?" He pins them on the ground and starts to pull on their left wing.
"Stop!" They scream at the top of their lungs. "Do what you want to me, just stop pulling on my wing!"
"Afraid of being grounded? Because that is what you are since you are my daughter-in-law."
"You're worse than Lucifer himself!"
"That's funny." He gets up and steps on their wing and twist it around. "You know my name!" He sits down on their wing. "All angels that fall eventually become mine."
"Please get off of my wing. It hurts."
"Leave my son then and be with me."
"No! I will not leave the man that I love."
"I think I have damaged your wing enough. Now put your hands on that wall and stick your ass out. If you don't I'll damage your other wing."
Sophia has no choice but to follow what they are being told. They could fight back but what good would that do. If they can get him to leave before Duncan gets back then he won't have to suffer as well.
"Now then did any other angels fall with you?" Lucifer asks as he shoves himself inside of their ass.
"He's dusted. Not coming back. Would not like you at all. Did not like your son either." They manage to say as they keep on getting rammed.
"You know, I probably would have just let you both be if he became an astrologer like his mother and I wanted. Julia is a good girl and did what we said." He cums inside of her. "I'll be back some other time. Maybe it will be to dust you if you try and resist me again."
"You can't dust an angel on your own."
"Watch me." He leaves the house and leaves the door open.
Sophia falls down to the cold floor and starts to cry. They don't want to live in fear. They also don't know if that Lucifer is the same one that her father sent down to the underworld or if he is just some really cruel human with the same name. No matter who or what he is, they are afraid of death and doesn't want to listen to what he says.
Justin walks into the house seeing Sophia on the floor. He walks up to them and places his hand on their shoulder. "What happened? Did Mr. Banks make you cry, or is it someone else."
"Well in a way yes, but it wasn't Duncan." Tears are still rolling down their face and they hope that he doesn't actually come back. They have had sex with many people by now, but they were told to only do it for business and never with family. "His dad raped me. He kept on stepping, pulling, and beating up my wing. He told me that he would kill me next time if I don't listen to what he says."
"Travis Banks? I thought he was in Hawaii?"
"He said his name was Lucifer."
"I'm sure that Mr. Banks said his name was Travis."
"No matter what his name is he still rapped me and threatened to kill me." The fact that he said his name was Lucifer was confusing to them, but they were unable to think of anything else other than the experience that they just had.
"I can stay here until Mr. Banks comes back if you want."
Sophia leans on him gripping his shirt. "Master Duncan also wants me to serve you for free as a thanks for looking after our house. I just don't know if I can do that right now Daddy."
Surprised that Duncan would say that and leave them alone for some reason surprised him. "What if I want you?" He moves their face to look right at his. "I won't penetrate my daughter if she is feeling that way, but I would like to feel my penis touched."
They let go of his shirt and undoes his pants. "Okay Daddy, I will do that for you. Do you want me to suck on it too?" They grab it out and start to rub it.
"Do whatever you want. Just make sure that it is pleasurable." He runs on their head as if approving on what they are doing. "Just make sure you look at me if you put your mouth over my cock."

Duncan arrives back and doesn't see Sophia or Justine anywhere. The door is shut and so are all the curtains. It makes him wonder if everything is okay. "Phi, where are you?" He opens the door to their room and sees them laying down in the bed hiding under the blankets. He sits down next to them. "Phi, what happened? Are you okay?"
"No, your father came. He hurt my wing and has threatened to dust me if I don't do what he says. He wants me to leave you to go to him so I can serve him for the rest of his life."
"My father got here already?" He lays down next to Sophia and raps himself around them. "We'll get through this. For right now we just have to do what he says while he is here." They both hear a knock on the front door. "I'll go get it you can just fallow behind me if you want.
They both head towards the door and once Duncan opens it up he instantly regrets it.
"Ah, Duncan, my son! You know that you can't get away from me anymore." His father strokes his face as if he was his lover. "You know I need a place to stay and your place seems perfect."
"Go rent a hotel." Duncan states trying not to make eye contact with him.
His father slaps him across the face. "Who do you think you are denying your father a place to stay when I own you."
Duncan looks at the ground not sure how to respond but Sophia runs up to him. "Master Duncan, are you okay?"
"So she is still here as well. Seeing how she called you Master, you must own her. Am I right?" He walks over and starts touching the wing that he was hurting earlier. "Does this still hurt?" Seeing the cringe that they make he assumes that it does. "Good, let it be a reminder that if either of you disobey me I turn you into dust. You understand that, angel?"
"Yes father, I understand."
"Father, leave her out of this!" Duncan shouts pushing him away from them. "She is mine not yours. I'm the only one that you-"
"Now now, when will you learn that your possessions are mine as well. Both of you get down on the ground and great me and allow me to come in."
They both get down on their hands and knees and welcome him into their home.
"Good." He slams his feet down on Sophia's wings. They try and move them but can't and then they let out a scream. "I can't have you flying away from me now can I?
"Father please stop hurting her. I'll do anything for you to stop. I'll surve you loyally for the rest of your life. Just stop hurting Phi."
"I do what I want boy." He kicks Duncan and slides him across the ground. "You will always serve me, even in hell. I will even make sure this angel falls down with us." Sitting down on Sophia he slaps their ass. "I bet you want me to do it again, don't you wench?"
Sophia knows that they can't say know if they want to live. They also know that this won't last forever unless Lucifer has an eternal grasp on the body. "Yes father, of course I want you to do it again."
He slaps them even harder this time while thrusting his crotch back and forth on their back. "Good thing you learn fast or else you would be dead. Now tell me who is your favorite father, me or the man that created you?"
They know the right answer, at least the one that he wants. It is just hard for them to say because it would feel like they are betraying God. "You- you are, father."
"Father, please get off of her." Duncan pleads. He crawls over to them and lowers his head down as far to the ground as it will go.
Keeping Sophia pinned down he pulls down his pants and shows his meat to Duncan. Sitting back down on Sophia he taunts his own son. "If you really love her you'll know exactly what I want and you'll give it to me. While I am on top of her."
"Yes father." He comes over and starts sucking on his own father's shaft. He might not enjoy it one bit but he feels like he should be the only one to hurt Sophia, and he feels helpless against his father's lust. He always has.
"Good boy. You're finally listening to your father. Only if you became an astronaut or astrologist things might have been different. Your father would have never traded his souls to hunt you down. But that doesn't matter since I am your father now and he always treated you like this anyways."
Duncan is too preoccupied with what he was ordered to do to be able to hear what he was being told. However, Sophia heard it well and it hit her. "Wait, you are the Lucifer? The devil Lucifer?"
"Now I don't like the name 'the devil' I'm an angel, just like you. Created by God himself."
They know that Satan was created by their father. Even so, he chose to be the way that he is. Their father didn't create anyone to be evil. They choose that on their own. "Of course, I'm sorry, Sir Lucifer."
"That's what I thought. Now that I think about it. This body isn't going to last much longer. Maybe I could go inside of your husband after this body dies."
"Please, don't. Give me time to be with him until you drag us both down."
He thinks about it and is uncertain why they want to wait until he dies because if he doesn't possess him then he was just going to kill him. Maybe he could be merciful and wait until he dies naturally. "I'll think about it. Just remember, I could satisfy you more than he ever could." After he speaks he unloads himself into Duncan's mouth.

Duncan and Sophia sit down by Duncan's computer checking for grammar errors in his latest book. The only problem is that Sophia can seem to concentrate very well. It must be because of Lucifer playing with them all night. He left Duncan alone after one in the morning, but he only stopped playing with them only recently.
"You okay Phi? You seem out of it."
They nod their head. "I'm just mentally exhausted. He wouldn't stop messing with me until just recently."
"Do you want to sleep some?"
"No, I want to spend the time your father is not here with you." They lean into him clenching his jacket. They know Duncan is hiding something underneath it and they think they know what it is. "Have you ever cut before, Master Duncan?"
"Yeah, my father tends to put me into a state where I do that. I haven't done it for awhile, but I guess that him being back and me not being able to stop him from touching you pushed me back over into doing it again." He knows that Sophia can't fly to get them out of here and even if they could his father would just find them again. He doesn't know who he made a deal with anyways.
"I'm sorry. If I fight he threatened to dust me and I'm afraid that he'll find out your immortal and do the same thing to you. You don't go anywhere once you are dusted. You just cease to exist."
"What was he talking to you about while he was on you? I saw his and your lips move but I couldn't process anything that was said."
They look away knowing that it might seem weird to him, but he has excepted the fact about angels and that he is now immortal. "He's not really your father anymore."
"He sure acts like he is. What do you mean that he is not?"
"He traded his soul away to be able to track where you live. It's his body but it is not him. At least he isn't anymore."
"Do you know who he is? Can we get rid of him?"
They nod their head and look directly at Duncan. "Well it's more like I can. Only an angel can kill another angel. If I do that we will never have the possibility to ascend up angain."
"It's an angel that has him possessed? I thought that angels were good for the most part."
"Well, the devil is an angel. Your father traded his soul to Lucifer. He was glad that your father acted the same that he does."
"So my father is really no longer around? How do you kill an angel?"
"The same way that you would kill a human only laced with the blood of the angelic shooter." Sophia looks back down fully knowing that once they kill him they become the underworld's ruler.
"What about my blood? I am immortal."
That is true that he is immortal. However, does his blood work since it is mixed with their old friend's, Alexandru? "I don't know. You are kind of different. I guess that it wouldn't hurt to try."

Just shoot him when he comes in. Those words that Sophia spoke when they were giving Duncan instructions on what to do. He doesn't understand why they don't want him to try and actually kill him and just do the body. They even said that they are not that good at shooting a bow and arrow, but that is the quickest way to get blood on the weapon. Duncan has even hunted before and he is sure that they know that.
Not knowing when he is going to come back is the problem. They both have to wait impatiently with their weapons ready, or at least his. Sophia needs to make sure that they put their own blood on their own arrow fresh. The door starts to open up and Duncan props his pistol up. In fact it is the one that shot him on his wedding day.
"My children I'm back, and aren't we going to have fun toda-" a shot ran out throughout the room as the bullet pierces through Duncan's father's head. He falls to the ground and Duncan slowly walks over to him.
Lucifer appears in the air with his golden wings spanning through the house. He looks like a high schooler that is angry because he couldn't have his way with a girl. "You will regret that boy! Now let me into your body if you want to live."
"No, I will not. You will just use me to do whatever you would like with my wife." Duncan aims his pistol at him again knowing that he can't do anything to him.
"What are you doing? You know you can only kill my vess-" Lucifer stops his speaking as he hears Sophia let out a cry of pain. He turns around to see an arrow flying right at him.
He knocks it away and then with his spiritual force knocks the bow and quiver away from them and they all scatter everywhere, but the bow and one arrow lands by Duncan's side.
"You really think you could kill me that easily? I am one of the original angels. I won't let let some new little brat take me out that easily." He heads over to Sophia and starts to beat them up.
Duncan picks up the bow and arrow with rage. He takes out his pocket knife and slashes into his arm the pain that it sends to him is sharp, it is nothing compared to anything that his father has made him endure. Lathering the arrow with his blood he realizes that he might miss. It might not kill him at all, but he knows that he just needs to get Lucifer off of Sophia. Pulling the arrow back and then releasing it. The arrow flys through the air but just grazes his should. Nothing that would have killed anyone. It did not hit anywhere fatal.
Lucifer, turning back around storms over to Duncan. Noticing the blood dripping down his arm. "How cute, you think that human blood can kill me? You're just mortal and I can easily kill you at anytime."
Duncan laces his knife with his blood. "What are you waiting for? Just do it."
His taunt worked. Lucifer launches over to him and straddles his neck. "Any last words, son?"
Duncan smiles and impales him in the chest with his blood soaked knife. "I. Am. Not. Mortal." Pushing it and twisting it in his heart Lucifer coughs up blood on him and falls down, letting go of Duncan's neck.
As Lucifer disintegrates Duncan catches fire. Sophia gets up to him and runs over hugging him because they have no idea what is going to happen but they feel like they should be with him.
Duncan starts to grow golden wings in his back as Sophia's start to change to the same color with his. They wrap their wings around him as if it would protect him. Duncan's wings instinctually does the same. Sophia feels them and feels secure like no matter what would happen to them they would be fine.
The moment the fire vanishes they both notice that they are no longer in the house that they were in. It looks like a field on earth but the sky looks red. "Where are we Phi? This isn't heaven is it?" Duncan asks looking around trying to make out his surroundings.
Sophia doesn't respond but instead is in shock that he now has wings and they are gold. They reach out to touch them to see if they are real. He reacts similarly to how Sophia reacts when he lightly touched them for the first time, falling on the ground.
A few ladies run over to them as if they are something important to them. "Welcome back king Luci-" The girls stay as the other few seemed shocked. "Who are you two? What did you do to our king? Your wings look just like his."

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