Between Darkness and Light (Cover Coming Soon!)

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A quick recap of who's who and what's happened.

Prolog (v.1) - Julia's Lament

Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Submitted: July 02, 2018





My name is Julia Smith. Seventy-five years ago I was married to a man named Gregory. He had been a cruel and violent man. One night all those years ago changed my life forever.

He had murdered our daughter and would have killed me, except I was rescued by a vampire named Samuel, the leader of the Vampire Resistance. They desire to interact with humans more normally than just using them as a food source.

I agreed to join his group to overthrow the King of the Vampires, Valentino. In doing so, I was reunited with my soulmate and childhood love, Adam. We learned that our group was different from others. We were ka-tet, souls bound by destiny for a purpose.

I was happy. The eight of us were like family. Besides Adam and Samuel, there were Samuel’s older fledgling, Matthew, and his soulmate, Christy. There were also Mary Anne and Jeffrey who had become part of the ka-tet a long time before we did. Finally, we had been joined by Samuel’s teacher, Valerie, who wasn’t ka-tet, but was as close as anyone else could be.

A few years ago, everything changed. Valentino came after us, determined to eliminate the threat to his power. Our only warning came to me through a dream from a ten-year-old human girl named Kali. Valentino kidnapped and tortured Matthew. When we fought, it was a disaster. We rescued Matthew, but both he and I lost our soulmates.

And that wasn’t even the worst part. I had been able to see into the future before, but when I needed it the most, my power inexplicably failed. Instead, I had nightmares with voices that insisted I was the one who had bungled everything because I had really wanted my group dead. Eventually I started to believe the voices. And when Gregory appeared to me for the second time since becoming a vampire, he backed up those claims.

It’s hard to explain why I did what I did. I betrayed my ka-tet to Valentino. I nearly destroyed everything I loved. I had killed Jarod, a member of the Resistance’s Council and a friend of my group. I had attacked Samuel and almost killed him. I heard a voice then, a female voice that reminded me that this wasn’t who I wanted to be. Was it my conscience as I believed? I don’t know. I thought I saw my dead bastard of a husband. Does that make me insane? I honestly don’t know the answer to that either.

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