Tempest: The Champion

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Europe, distant future. A meteorite impacted on the area of Russia, turning the area into a dead zone. Moreover, it emits a strange radiance which increases the impact survivors and their
offsprings' endurance and strength, but also causing them to be born with various deformities or missing body parts. The citizens of Europe import the Castaways, as the people from the Dead Zone
are known, into their world where they equip them with artifical body parts and DNA-changing serums and let them fight in a martial arts championships known as Neoclash. The story follows a young
scientist named Ryan Bridger who made a ground-breaking discovery, however, he lacks the money to bring his theories to life. His only hope is to buy a malnourished Castaway girl named Zoya and
train her to become a skilled Neoclash combatan. However, the world of Neoclash can be dark and dangerous. And Ryan and Zoya are about to realize it soon.

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Submitted: July 03, 2018

Europe, distant future. A meteorite impacted on the East Europe, emmiting a strange radiance to a large area. The people exposed to the r... Read Chapter

The Dead Zone

Submitted: July 03, 2018

Before Isaiah returns, I distract myself by observing the fight of two groups of rats that gathered in a nearby backstreet. One group of ... Read Chapter

The Castaway

Submitted: July 03, 2018

"Welcome to the final round of the Neoclash tournamment 131 in Rome, Italy!" The commentator's voice resonates through a big, enclose... Read Chapter

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