Journal of a long waited, interplanetary travel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

a short story about a man going huge lengths to escape his ugly world and also maybe finding his lover

Chapter I


The wait.


Day 1: I've decided to go. I can't take this awful planet anymore.


Day 5: I've found transport to space port. Cheap and fast.


Day 9: I have arrived, now the waiting starts. Why do I even listen to my brother to write it this stupid journal. - it will calm you. He said.

Bullcrap, I said.


Day 22: waiting to be called to the check-in office.


Day 32: Still no human contact


Day 57: First human I've seen in weeks.. We didn't talk, he just passed by me. Too busy I guess.


Day 132: Check-in open, finally.


Day 149: Heading towards security check. My last bottle of water is almost full and they keep it if you don't drink it. Luckily, I have something else to trade with other survivors in exchange for water.


Day 152: Security queue diminishes... But unfortunately, on the line of queue I'm in, there's a lady. There's always a lady that does not know the protocols and she's holding back the line.


Day 201: I've successfully passed the security checks. All good. I feel... Happy?


Day 213: papers check. I hope is alright with my forgery... I've paid 2 weeks worth of food to have my new ID made.


Day 221: After so long of a wait... Sweat and tears.. I've finally reached the point of maximum anxiety... But, thank the gods, old and new. I've made it

I'm off to a new world, a better world. Or at least that's what they said... The Happy Ones. I hope this will be a bright and better world. I'm allowed to dream.


Day 251:.... Journal entry no.2: I've borrowed the page with entry number 1 to a kid who was eager to draw his newborn sister, whom came to this miserable world at 4:37 AM in an filthy yet somehow homey waiting lounge.

We now have to wait for the ship to come back to our deplorable world so that we can continue our journey.

I will settle near a food trader so I can maybe lend a helping hand and maybe I can get paid in food or water... Oh... Water. There's been almost 3 days since the last time I've tasted you... I miss you, I need your tasteless flavour.


Day 562: I had to trade a think pair of socks for a pen, because I finished mine. I found work at a food stand. Pay is not much, but it'll do. I crave for meat. Fried, oily, tasty meat, like we used to. But we have to settle for oatmeal and soy and 2 times a week, boiled rice. Tasteless, salt less, boiled rice... The only thing you can make it taste like something is if you go outside, whoever is brave enough, and go by the Old Sea, to scrape what we like to call salt. At least its not expensive.

Second entry of the day... I've mistakenly wrote day 562 instead of 262. Adding this, so in case if anybody finds my writings, will not get confused.


Day 273: I can't take it anymore. But I have to be strong, I have to fight it... Don't give up, I will see you in this lifetime I promise. I have to, or else... Or else what? I'll hunt down the Gods, old an new and every other bastard that calls itself a God. I will chase after them and tear them limb from limb... I have to see you... Hold on.


Day 288: Food... Cooked food. Warm and tasteful food. Somebody who decided not to go on this journey anymore offered all of us, using their provisions, home made food. They somehow, during this whole wait, managed to grow potatoes. I could not belive my eyes and mostly my tastebuds. I almost forgot how it tastes, boiled, salty and sweet at the same time... Thank you! Thank you for making me NOT forget my childhood.


Day 302: Somebody, somehow, managed to smuggle, grow or I don't know, some tobacco. I remember my parents telling me that smoking was bad, but I've never seen them ill because of it. I have to try it. I'm curious.


Day 302; entry 2: I've bought one cigarette from this guy who had a happy face, smiling. He initially asked for my watch... My father's watch who he got it from his grandfather... Hell no! I gave him a necklace made from dried fruit that I got from the kid I've given my pen to... And oh.. It was worthed. The first two puffs it felt like I was coughing my lungs out. But at the end of it, I was dizzy... And happy.


Entry 3: whilst was smoking, I thought I heard voices, thinking its from the smoking effects. But no. A bored voice announces trough the PA that our ship will arrive in a few days. - It's about damn time.

I've almost ran out of resources. Now I'm nervous and agitated. I have to lay down.


Day 305: The ship has arrived. We are now queueing to embark. Everyone is anxious but well-ordered. Mothers with children telling them not to stray, grandparents carrying their legacies (old national clothing, jewellery, old recipes) and themselfs and me, who can't wait to embark on this long waited - full of sadness and desperation - hyper sleep ride. I've never been in hyper sleep, I don't know if I'll dream or not, but I'll prefer not to.This way I can finally rest and forget about all of this... I don't even know for how long I'll be out, but I don't care as long as I know I'll see you someday.


Day 306: The final ID check was pretty fast. We are now getting on a small shuttle to take us to the big ship... The stress around me is huge, i can feel it and it's contagious. I'm trying to calm down by writing here. From what I've heard, the waiting in the shuttle is also long and exhausting. I'll probably get some sleep.


Day 307, morning: The small shuttle has reached outer space, the view from up here is... not how I've expected it to be. It's horrendous, grey and ugly. You can see the pollution from here. Ugh... At least I won't be back here. Not for a long time. We will soon dock to the mothership. Ecstatic.


Day 307, almost the next day: We are aboard the mothership. Provably because of all the waiting and hard days, people are now acting weird. They are grumpy and sour. Children stopped drinking their breast milk and started crying and not listening to their guardians. But all is good. We will soon be called to our sleeping pods to get my long waited nap.

Chapter II

The arrival?

Day 2376: Darkness, wet, barfing sensation, dizziness and total silence. What is happening? Where am I...? Oh, I remember, I slept.

Strange beeping sound coming from near me, then bright light, then chills on my skin. The pod is opening, everything's a blur and a strange taste of rust in my mouth, can't hold it anymore, I throw up. After I thought I'm through, my sight darknened, ringing in ears and knees soften. I...


Same day, I wake up. I hear other people, I see new faces, nurses, doctors, military men here and there, fuss all around. The building I was in seemed clean enough to be a hospital, but it wasn't one. It looked more like a military building. Later a nurse came to me telling me I've fainted and that is normal for some people. They said I have to stay for 1 to 2 days in bed so they can hidrate me and do other doctor stuff.


Day 2379: I was given my stuff I was wearing before the deep sleep. A raggedy sweater, an overworn grey t-shirt, camouflage green trousers and black (used to be black) heavy boots. I dress up and give the so called gown that lookes like a patato sack and itches like one, back to the nurse.

They, the Happy Ones, described this planet as paradise. The place where there's endless beauty and everybody is nice to one another and their native language is a mixt of terran language and theirs. How many years ago we started "invading" these "people"?

I finally reach the exit and I rush out. As soon as I step outside, a cool breeze of fresh air hits my face, gently. So much sun. So much that I had to squint for a full minute so I can see something.

Oh, I feel so much better now.


Day 2380: Earth year 2422 sometime in September, somewhere 6 light years away from our solar system, some place officially called AR-53871-G but known as Denebia Majoris. I'm finally where I want to be. Everything is how I imagined. But, where are you? Are you still coming? Will I still see you? I don't want to share such a paradise alone,we both need it, I need you.

The End.

Submitted: July 03, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Ovidiu Rusina. All rights reserved.

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