Midland High School

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A poem about my favorite place in the whole wide world, full of excellence and happiness.

Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018



Midland High School:


In the town of Midland, MI

There is a school named after it

That has always taught great discipline

To happily behave with strong acquit


Two major head workers

Over its excellence in recent years

Were not in the slightest jerkers

As they both had amazing careers

And included Mrs. Greif and Dr. Frazee

Who both spread a lot of glee

Being, at different times, the head principals

Which lead up to so much miracles


For anyone in sports or drama

There is so much greatness to behold

While every form of unhappiness, including trauma,

Would go away with students and staff as valuable as gold


The school has been around since 1872

While having to be rebuilt a few times

Yet still having its colors of gold and blue

In a town with very few crimes


Since the death of an excellent teacher long ago,

There has been the annual Chemic Pride award

Given to only one senior per class

Who has shown the best qualities overall

In the face of any friend or foe

And most likely sticking out from a horde

With grades going beyond the minimum to pass

Plus greatly sticking out above all


For my experience there,

I was always greeted warmly

As peacefully thinking of at least one prayer

And doing my best to act calmly


Being involved with many clubs,

Including the National Honors Society,

While receiving much support and hugs

Truly helped my confidence and anxiety

In a place where there is challenging assignments,

Which helped me receive outstanding achievements


Whether you are a member of it or not

It will definitely give a perfect impression

On anyone who knows of it and its greatness,

For once that comes through any thought

Other ideas, including one with depression,

Will then disappear into brightness


For earning as much perfection as possible in activities, most notably academics

It is forever an honor to one of the thousands to millions of Chemics!

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