Laying In Jason's Arms

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I wanted to write a horror poem, like poetry, I do not know where to begin. I am such a scary cat of horror movies. I know I am way out of my comfort zone, but you only live once, and I would like
to say, at least I tried. I think I would start out with Jason, he is my favorite set of hard muscles as far as a horror flick…no pun

Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018





Friday The Thirteenth

I have my sexy lingerie and my stilettoes on

Sipping on my Chardonnay while listening to my favorite song

Suddenly I hear the echoing ring of the telephone

I pick it, who’s there

Freddie Krueger, your handsome Elm Street nightmare

Ahh...I’m sorry, I’m tied up

Is Jason over there again, tasting the sweet elixir from your lover’s cup

Yes, he’s the man for me, as you can see

He uses his hard machete in places I can only imagine in my dreams

That hockey mask when it comes off, takes my body to the heights of total serene

Time after time he follows my butter rum scent

From Camp Crystal Lake where we first met, to the bed he’s known to rattle as my body dents

Umm… from the first swing of his machete, slicing into me, my flowing essence gets me all wet

How he teases me without mercy as he’s killing me softly from sunrise to sunset

My face will adore you when you sleep

There will be no sign of Jason when our souls come to meet

My Razor gloves

Tendering stroking over your body ever so gently with fingers of love

Digging into you so deep

You will be afraid to awaken from the passion of my engulfing burning heat

Reborn of the ashes to dine on the flesh of your honey tasting meat

I’m sorry Freddie, Jason has cornered my time for the night

Not to worry, this wine is a relaxer that has me feeling just right

It would place me in your nightmare to feel the intense heat of you gently slashing into me as your carnal plight

Have patience, I would love to see you when I slumber

Umm…do bring those razor gloves, I have to go, but you do have my number

I hang up the telephone and breathe a sigh of relief

Ring ring again, are you kidding me

I pick up the receiver

Friday the Thirteenth has made me a believer


I need your presence beside me tonight

I advised you in the past, we’re over since we cannot get it right

So please take a hike

Oh come on butter rum, my love, its Michael Meyers, who loves you the best

I want to spend some time with you before Halloween steals my sweet candy nest

The only day I have no time for you

But today, please give me my manly just due

I miss you every day, I need your warm body in any way

It’s the real reason I escaped from that Sanitarium, there I had everyone fooled

Everyone who came to know me, played by my tormented rules

When I’m not stalking, or out on Halloween walking, I need your body to slay

As we trick within your soft sweet treat, you know I love your candy coated ways

 The way you let me slash into you as we play

I’m sorry Michael, Jason will be coming over, he’s now my main lover

Not on my time, I think I will make an appearance just to hover, if he’s not gone than we fight brother to brother

You belong to me, just allow our love to blossom, as tall as the trees 

No love ever felt from Jason or Freddie

I will have you at all cost to the powers to be, even if you’re not ready

It’s over just go, please

I will get you in the end for deceiving me

I hang up the phone, my thoughts now racing, outside I hear loud thunder

This love affair I have with Jason, hopefully Michael will not put asunder

The power goes out as I stumble around

The wind howling outside is the only sound

Hum…let me think

I look over at my empty glass, yes, I could use another drink

I picked up the telephone and dialed out

Hello, this is Elvira the Mistress of Darkness, known to seduce men from the great land to the far south

Let’s make it a girl’s night

Man trouble again with your ménage trois, which I assume is not going right

Yes, three lovers, all strange

Yet, my feelings for all will always remain

Be ready, I will be there soon

Just in time for the full moon

I hang up the telephone a loud pounding at my door

If you were me, who would you wish for


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