The Cycle

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man gets on a train and strange things happen.

Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018



Between Heaven And Hell

The lights dazzled. It was beautiful. Cassandra made her way up the busy street with her Christmas shopping. It was mainly clothes, so it wasn't too heavy. The bus stop was just down the road, hopefully she won't miss the bus like the other day. Half an hour she had to wait until another one turned up, also it had rained at the time.

Cassandra looked at her watch, she should make it with a couple of minutes to spare. A man wearing a dark suit bumped into her by accident, causing her to drop the bag.

He seemed embarrassed as he tried to help her. "I'm so sorry," he said, bending down to pick the bag up. Their heads banged together, Cassandra gave him a horrible look, then said, "Thank you, but I'm okay."

The man stood up, playing with his tie. "Sorry again."

"That's okay. Stop apologising. It was an accident, I get it," she replied somewhat annoyed. "But now because of you I'll probably miss my bloody bus."

He stared at her in a strange sort of way, this made her nervous.

"Please don't get on that bus," he said.

Cassandra was freaked out. She picked up her bag and ran up the road to get away from him. The bus passed her and stopped about fifty metres away under a little sign. Thankfully there was a few people waiting, so she might just make it. The side door opened and everyone formed an orderly queue.

Looking behind her she realised the man had followed her, while he shouted, " I can't physically stop you. It has to be your choice. Don't get on that bus, I beg you."

What the hell was his problem?

She ran faster, because the weirdo who was now stalking her was really doing her head in. Finally she'd made it, and went straight to the driver showing him her ticket. He seemed happy. She went to a seat at the back, then sat down.

What a performance. Who the hell was that mental case? What a freak.

Cassandra was beginning to relax, when she saw the man standing at the side of the vehicle as he yelled at her to get off. By this point she'd had enough, he was clearly insane. She stuck her middle finger up at him. All of a sudden a loud bang echoed through the bus.

The man watched on as the vehicle exploded. He couldn't take this much longer. He observed her while she screamed in terror. At one point she stared in his direction, tears streaming down her face.

Why didn't you listen to me, Cassandra? Next time he'd make things right.

The sky above him swirled with a luminous mist, as the cycle was getting ready to repeat itself for the upteenth time.


Yet again he found himself standing in the same spot, just in front of the newsagents, the man in the shop gave him a wave, he responded in a friendly manner.

Now down to more pressing matters, stopping Cassandra from making the worst decision of her life.

The street was busy, but he knew where she'd be in approximately 10 minutes. He walked swiftly to that location. From afar he saw her carrying a bag, and making her way quickly in his direction.

Unlike all the other times where he tried to save her, he needed to succeed soon. He knew he couldn't tell her the whole truth. It needed to be her choice, that was the only way.

Without giving it much thought he went into a nearby flower shop, and buying some roses, his idea was to declare his love for her. It might put her off for long enough so she'd miss her journey home.

Please god, let this work.

He saw her getting closer. He felt nervous. A couple of metres from her he presented the flowers to the shocked woman. Cassandra looked at him oddly.

"They're for you. I saw you in the crowd and I was mesmerized," he said, feeling like a complete idiot, he tried giving them to her.

She didn't take them, instead she just looked unimpressed. "Thanks, but I don't know you," she replied embarrassed. "I must get on, I've got a bus to catch. Thank you anyway. I'm sorry if that seems rude."

This wasn't working, what was he supposed to do now? He got down on one knee and started singing to her.

She noticed other people staring at her. "I've got to go," she said, running up the road as quick as her legs would carry her. Within a minute the bus was seen while it slowed down by the little sign.

"Thank you Lord," she said while she made her way through the side door. She showed her ticket to the driver. He nodded in a good way. Then she proceeded to a seat at the back of the vehicle, sitting down she noticed the strange individual waving the flowers at her, and shouting something. It was already too late.


The lights were amazing as she left the shop, the comfort of her sofa was now in her mind. Last time was a nightmare, but today nothing was going to stop her from getting home on time. She'd been busy shopping for Christmas presents, now all she wanted was a nice cup of tea. Taking the bus the journey was only fifteen minutes to where she lived, Cassandra couldn't wait for the warmth of home. The snow hadn't arrived, it was chilly though. At this time of year it was silly to expect anything different. She wore a coat, and it kept her comfortable.

A man's face entered her thoughts. What the hell? She didn't recognise him, but he seemed familiar. It was difficult to explain. Who the hell was this person, maybe she was overreacting? Feeling stupid, she carried on down the busy road.

"Get a grip," she muttered to herself. It'd been a long day. Cassandra had worked from 9 to 4, then caught the bus straight up here to get the rest of the presents. As usual she'd left it too late. It was the same every year, Cassandra never learning her lesson. All of a sudden his face appeared in the crowd. She froze with fear.

Who the hell was he?

Her first reaction was to hide from him. Maybe she'd seen him at a party not too long ago, and it was just a bizarre coincidence that Cassandra had thought of him out of the blue? It certainly made no sense.

She hid behind a parked car at the side of the road, then waited. She saw him stop a couple of metres from her with a puzzled look on his face. Then she heard him say quite loudly, "I don't understand, where is she?"

He seemed stressed, while he rubbed his forehead. She needed to make her move now. On her hands and knees she crept around the car away from him. Cassandra peered through the back window, he just stood there looking distraught.

What was up with him?

At the front of the vehicle Cassandra waited for a crowd to form before standing up and disappearing amongst them. She took a few uncertain steps, looking back he had vanished.

Thank god for that.

The bus was seen while it stopped at the sign.

Cassandra ran towards it, hoping to get there in time. If not, she'd be waiting around for another half an hour in this cold weather. Suddenly a scattering of memories flooded her brain, like kissing her husband at their wedding. Her son being born.

She stopped, dropping the bag on the path. Something had spooked her. The bus pulled away slowly, then a terrific bang echoed all around. Flames engulfed the bus. She could see her own horrified face from the back window. How was this possible? Cassandra stood watching, not believing what she was witnessing with her own eyes.

The man appeared from a nearby side street, knowing there was nothing he could do. It was already too late.


He waved at the man in the newsagents. Checking his watch, he still had about nine minutes to get to the street where she would be. He was all out of ideas, and last time he'd lost her completely. If he didn't do something soon she wouldn't have much time left. He needed to get it right. With haste he walked up the road, hoping this time he would succeed in his mission.

There were people everywhere while they did their Christmas shopping, he searched for her amongst the crowd.

No luck so far. He proceeded reluctantly down the street, keeping his eyes peeled. Usually at the spot where they'd meet, he stopped. Not knowing what to do next. An idea came to him. Maybe she'd figured it out, about him, and was now hiding somewhere? But one thing was certain, in approximately four minutes he'd be at the bus stop waiting for her to show her face. Then he would do his upmost to stop her getting on that bloody bus. He ran as fast as he could, wishing this time would be the last time.

By the little sign he waited. Two people had turned up, while they stared at their mobiles. Coming down the road was the bus, but where was Cassandra?

The bus came to a halt in front of him, he glanced through the many windows, seeing six or seven people sitting down. If only they knew. Within a minute it pulled away carrying on with its short lived journey.

A tear came to his eye, as it always did at this moment. With utter shock he observed Cassandra's ghostly face in the back of the bus, but something didn't seem right. Their eyes met for only a second. The explosion caused the concrete to shake.

I don't believe it, he thought, waiting for the cycle to start all over again.

Nothing happened.

Then behind him a woman's voice said, "Where am I? For some reason I now remember everything."

He turned. He couldn't believe it. "My god you're okay, but we need to hurry. We are both in mortal danger."

She took a couple of steps, before replying, " How come you look so much like my husband, but in an odd sort of way you seem different?"

He now had this terrible feeling, they needed to get out of here. "Just trust me. Please, I mean you no harm. By the way my name's Garry."

She peered at him strangely. "Garry?"

The sky suddenly changed into a violent swirling mist which blew bricks off nearby buildings. It had begun.

He took her hand. "Come with me now," he shouted through the noise.

Other people panicked, clearly scared for their lives.

"Where are we heading?" she yelled, terrified as can be.

He pointed down an alley. Both proceeded quickly in that direction. Like a miracle a circle of light appeared at the end, causing a magnificent glow.

"This is how I arrived here, because i heard you calling for help," he said.

In the street they'd just come from buildings crumbled to the ground. In a short time the whole place would be destroyed.

The man faced her with a grave look on his twenty something face. "We need to walk through the light to escape here, and we need to do it now."

She stared at it. "I can't. Please don't let me. I don't want to die."

Come on, he thought. "If I go in first, and show you that everything is fine, will you follow me? If you stay here, you will die. That is a fact."

She was horrified by the idea, but agreed. "Okay, but I don't like it one bit."

They neared the bright circle of intense light, he placed his right foot in, then peering round at Cassandra, winked. "Doesn't hurt one bit. So are you coming.". He held out his hand and she took it a little afraid. Both walked in unprepared for what was going to happen next.


She opened her eyes feeling drowsy. She found herself laying in bed confused by her surroundings. Slowly her eyes became less blurry, instantly she observed a male sitting beside the bed. He was asleep, then she realised it was John, her husband. With a little trouble she touched his shoulder.

He awoke, seeing Cassandra's eyes were open, at that point the happiness he felt made him tearful. "I thought I'd never see you again."

She touched the top of his head, before answering, "Why am I here?"

John didn't really know how to explain it, but said, "You was involved in an accident while catching a bus A stranger saved you, his identity is unknown. I'm afraid you've been in a coma for nine days since the terrible incident. Thank you, god. I'm so happy you're okay now. I've missed you so much.". More tears streamed down his face. "I love you so much."

"I know you do. I can't remember anything," she said, shocked by it all.

John put a hand through her hair, before saying, "I know you don't, sweetheart."

He spent the next two hours with her. When she started feeling very tired he decided to go. John left the ward relieved, she was now recovering.

In the corridor he thought back to his twin brother who'd passed away sixteen years before. This is why he wasn't a fan of hospitals.

"I miss you, Garry," was all he said, meaning every word.

At the top of the stairs he slowly made his way down. His next destination, home.

The End

© Copyright 2020 steveswriting. All rights reserved.

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