Dark Ones

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A story of based upon the mythos of the Druids, one of a realm and spirits brought forth through actions taken upon the earth.

Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018



It was from the space of persecution, that void which became solid, the cold dungeon where we were born. The places where each of us were taken, after the holy accusations of those who wore the cross in their righteous way of judgement.

And they spoke of Satan, the enemy of their god as they demanded that we confess, saying that we had sought evil out, and out refusal was met with torture. It was the burning pain of the flame meeting bare skin which would stoke the final fires. Blood flowing from deep cuts from blows delivered to the flesh ran like a river from many, and as it dried it brought forth the foundation of our realm.

And lies became the truth through false repentance, say anything to make the suffering stop. Many of the confessed were released from their prison of pain only to meet banishment at the hands of others. And the word is forsaken, where walls meet the foundation, the construction of Hell begun.

Then there were those such as me, William, accused of Satanism, the proof of it coming from the bones I collected to study anatomy, those of animals.The hunt for Satans own was something I was ignorant of until I was overtaken by the ones who had obtained power through ignorance, those of the church. They took me as well into that dark space of will met through their god, that which is found inside them. Asked to confess myself of Satan I refused and the torture began.Enduring the pain, the thirst, for days with no end, the torment of the rack became my fate. As my limbs were stretched, then torn from their sockets, finally I gave.

"I confess"

The lie complete, I died of my injuries as the document of my confession was given to the populous. My body was placed upon the bonfire created by the faithful, laid there it became a pyre. As my flesh burned away from my bones, I stood and watched as spirit, the final ritual of hatefilled vengence which brought forth the ceiling of the realm; the construction of Hell, now complete.

Now I speak from within that dark realm, as I found my way there, guided by the wish and will of the human heart. Here I am surrounded by the flames which cannot burn one such as me. There are many others here of course, for we have become legion, and we are learning of what we are. And when you truly know of suffering upon the earth, a Dark One will come to you, finding you deep within your dreams, bringing nightmarish truth as you sleep.

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