Light at the End

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Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018



Fear, the dark twisted dimension within the vortex of Hope,

Cheating and Stealing,

Violence and Lies,

We teach our young to be foolish,

Brought up to be nothing at all,

Beating and Dealing,

Silence and Cries,

Death, the hope for the perfect escape,

Torment, the prayer of harm and rape,

Love attempts to act as a shield,

Society is at it's worst,

Yet we still try to find that pearl in the field,

War is the Reaper's Game,

We play for Honor and Fame,

Humanity we lack,

Once again, 

Stabbed in the back,

Lust, the purest form of Human Indulgence,

And they still try to make us Evangelists,

Hate, the perfect medication to fuel our Nature,

Manic trauma befriends me,

How long, until I'm set free,

These are acts to follow for a great future,

Hell, A demonic solitude where Human Nature is astray,

But what laws of Human Nature are compared to that of Hell?

What matter of Nature do we stand before?

Are we real or just pretend?

Is God alive, or is God dead?

Truth and Law are not judged by the damned, 

Life is a great anarchy,

Do or Do Not,

Live by the Sword, and Die by the Sword,

I wish the answers I do now and have sought,

Will be shown in Grace and Mercy,

I don't believe God is Dead,

We all need Love to cope,

True and Just Human Nature,

Is the vital existance of our Hope.

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