Never give up on love

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Submitted: July 03, 2018

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Submitted: July 03, 2018



Love? What is love? Does it last? Is it even possible to love somebody? Do past relationships effect the way you develop relationships with others? Is it the end after a heartbreak? These are all questions we battle with after a heartbreak or even after an argument with a loved one.  Love is a beautiful thing if you open your heart.  Don't let past relationships bother you because TRUST ME... it will destroy even the best guy for you. We have all heard that if a guy really loves you, he'll stay.  And while that is true, guys do have the tendency to feel unwanted and eventually leave so pushing them away is not the best solution on the quest to finding love.  I would know because this has happened to me when I have been through many heartbreaks. As a teenager, we all have been told "Don't fall so hard for them" or "You're only young, you'll find somebody else in the future"... But isn't the heartbreak valid for our age? We can't help it if we fall for them, we can't help it if they mean everything to us and we can't help it if we decide to like them more than a friend.  In fact, it's even better to start as friends in a relationship so you get familiar already with their idiosyncracies and their likes as well as dislikes. Even if you do find the right guy, in the end he may not turn out to be who you thought he was and that's okay because we live and we learn and we always have the opportunity to move on eventually.  And women, we are all worth it! Even if you don't feel worth it now, you will eventually realize it soon enough.  Breakups aren't the end... You might be wondering, "How are you such an expert on how to not push guys away?" or "Have you even had heartbreaks?"... Well I can assure you that I have experienced the worst of relationships.  When I was in high school, I thought guys were obligated to love you and that they last forever.  But little did I know that they weren't the ones for me.  Going on romantic dates such as the movies, dinner, walks on the beach and arcades made me feel close to the guy.  Over time this "closeness" blossomed into what I thought was love.  All of my relationships were short term and this was because of the type of guy I dated.  At first the guy was nice, responsible, respectful and cared.  But after about a month or so, they became overjealous, rude and immature.  And as a teenager, it's okay to experience relationships of this type as everybody is still maturing and has time to grow up.  But these relationships turned into doubts for me and doubts led me to push guys away so I wouldn't experience the type of hurt ever again.  But now that I am dating a nice guy named BradLee, all doubts have vanished and I realized what love truly is.  Love is caring for one another, trusting in each other fully, being faithful and of course opening your heart to them.  I believe everybody can find that special somebody and if you truly open up, you will find him or her.

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