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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Alpha

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



1st July 2018

They come today. My stepdad and little stepsister. Apparently she's going to share with me. I hope not. I cannot let ANYONE close to me. If they find out...only Mom knows.

I can hear the door going...

I close my diary and hide it back under my mattress. I can hear their voices, my new stepfamily. I don't actually know how I feel about this. From what i've heard, stepdad sounds cool and my little stepsister sounds nice. He's called Jake and she's called Hannah. I feel happy, but I also feel...nervous. I'm a freak. Just look at my eyes - bright, bright green, unnaturally so, yet of course it's my natual colour. My hair is a kind of green-cyan. I haven't dyed it yet.

i insert my earbuds and go down like me and Mom discussed earlier. My little brother is already sat on the couch next to Hannah, asking a trillion questions and smearing jam over her top. Her dark eyes beg for help. Jake sits next to Mom, smiling. He looks up and smiles when he sees me. I smile back, heart racing. Can he see? Can he tell? Can he see the freak I am when he looks into my eyes?
"And this is my daughter, Alpha. She...she doesn't come down much. It's probably her age - I know I liked my own space when I was a teenager!" Even through the music, I can hear her perfectly. Does my face give that away? I sit next to Hannah, smile shyly, and turn up my music.

"I'm off the scale
The fuse inside has failed
My safety's blown
I'm a radiation zone
I'm going nuclear..."

This song says everything about me. If only they could hear it. I look around at us again, surveying how we look. Hannah has dark hair and dark eyes, her skin pale. Jake looks the same. Mom and my brother both have blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I'm the odd one out, the cyan-neon green outlier. But, still, we almost look like a normal family. If anyone saw us, they wouldn't be able to tell.
Just ignore the five empty hair dye boxes on the kitchen side with the trash waiting to be taken out and the geiger counter on the coffee table. Ignore the intensity of the colour of my eyes, the earbuds in my ears. Ignore all that and we seem like a normal family.

Jake is smiling at me still, and Mom signals with her eyes. I smile back at Jake, remove the earbuds, and speak.
"Hi." That is all i say. I pause the song and fiddle with the earbuds, not wanting to make eye contact. My eyes are the windows straight to the core of my soul, a glance past the control room and safety features straight to the danger and crazy reactions deep down, hidden from view.
"Interesting hair, Alpha. You do it yourself?" Jake asks, and I nod. I glance up and catch my mom mouthing something to me.
Look at him, Alpha. Manners. You can be normal.
I make eye contact with Jake and smile sweetly. His eyes lock onto mine and I swear they widen slightly. I keep my smile plastered on my face.
"It suits you." he says, and I nod.
"Thanks." I reply. My head begins to hurt, and my body craves the cool, air-conditioned atmosphere in my room. Down here, I'm way too hot. I signal this to Mom and she nods, slightly, allowing me to make my escape. I know the drill, though. I have to be fine for dinner later. I have to be normal.

I cannot be a radioative freak.



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