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In life we all have problems but it doesn't mean that its the end of your life. think positive to be positive.

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



“Control Your Emotion”

Human mind work in a strange way and how they work are real mystery. Every mind is different and everyone react to different situation in different way but when it comes to the feelings and emotion most of them react in almost same ways. And sometimes these reactions are drive by the way one takes the situation and for some of them it’s hard to control their reaction.

How many of us hear/feel like that they have gone through such a severe pain at any point of their life. These things feel like if they are the most devastating things that had happened in your life and feels like this is the moment in your life from where you can never run away and this is the end of your every happy moment in your life. All the source of your happiness seems like fading away from you and you are all alone in this pain. No matter how hard you try to be happy how hard you try to explain your condition to your friends, family and your close ones it feels like nobody cares and you are all alone in this. It might seem like they understand your situation but you still feel bad and unhappy and empty inside.

You may ask what are the problem here? Is it bad to feel bad or feel lonely when you are going through this pain? And my answer is pretty simple. No there is nothing wrong to feel bad when you are in pain. But what is wrong is how you react to the situation when you encounter a thing. And that’s a thing that trips anyone. When you encounter a problem the way you react to it becomes a bigger and dangerous problem. This creates a cascade of emotions that capture you off-guard. People feel terrible pain because they think they have to react in such a way you should look sad and you should feel the pain. It feels so real that it become your own perspective but in reality, this is not the only perspective. 

Yes, you can shape the way you think. And you don’t have to react bad in every problem to feel the problem. If you can change the way you react to the problem you can have a totally different perspective. But people don’t see things through other perspective and the reaction feels like manifestation of truth. And that’s how you get caught up with the feeling and this is how you feel bad because you want to feel bad. If you can change that perspective you can be happy and you don’t have to go through the terrible pain.

Our mind is capable of learning and we can train our mind to react in the way we want to react. This can be proven by a simple example; when we were young we use to cry a lot in every situation, if we want something we cry, if we get cuts we cry, if we get scold we cry and if we feel bad we cry. No matter sad we were our feelings were easy to diverted from sadness to happiness. But when we grow we learn about situation and the way to react to different situations are different. That’s how we learned and that’s how we established our perspective of how we should react to our failure, breakups, losses and death. These perspectives drive your feeling and you get trapped in your own feelings which makes your life difficult!

When we are going through some pain we let our emotion control us but in reality, it should be you who are supposed to control your emotions. I have seen people hitting on the wall, cutting their hands, not sleeping at night, remaining hungry just because they are unhappy. But, are these things necessary for you to do when you feel bad? Obviously, the only thing that you are trying to do is to hurt yourself and feel the pain. But this will change what had happen rather it will further increase your trouble. By the time you are ready to accept this fact you will start to feel relief from your pain.

You should accept the fact that whatever had happened in your past is done already and you cannot change that by getting yourself in trouble and torturing your body. If you really want to move forward and be happy again you should accept your reality and stop thinking that you are the saddest person who cannot be happy again. You should be ready to accept that failure and pain are just a lesson you learned and nothing more. You are unhappy because you choose to be unhappy and you can be happy again bet letting thing go and not getting caught up by those moment which are gone already.

Try to change your perspective until you succeed to turn your failure into your motivation. Our minds are designed to get better so by the time you accept that fact you need to let things go and be happy again. Your mind will get diverted into another factor and you will start to feel happy again. So, my friends, I beg of you to control your emotion and choose how do you want to react wisely.

Sabuj Lamichhane

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