sands of dreams

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Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



I wanted to 

lay you on a bed of rose petals

in a room of 100 candles

and kiss your honey lips 

as the silver moonlight

kissed your skin

and you took me

while I willingly obeyed.

every move

like Mayan Chocolate

rich and smooth

deep and fulfilling.


I wanted to

kiss every inch of you

to Nestle into your side

to hear the beating of Your heart

so Blessed my ears were

as the drums resounded

and gained speed 

as we came closer to

that pure

Shared moment of 



I wanted to draw 

my love for you

with my fingers as they 

lightly Glided down your chest and across your back 

leaving tracks of 

my tender love

in the pores of your body.


I wanted to.


I wanted to 

run through the rain

to hold your hand as it 

Drenched us

Cleansing away the past

while I kissed your wet lips

into the future.

into our future.

And we Danced under 

willow trees

Etching our monograms

into the bark of

Old Wisdom and

Forever Life

as the stars smiled upon us,

as we spoke of Art and theory and death

and the mysteries of life and what was to Come.


I wanted to wake up to 

Your scent on my pillow 

in a loft of an aged matress 

with the strong sweet smell of 

espresso Lingering 

in the air 

as the light of the sun played 

on my hair and my

sleepy eyes 

focused on your 

Naked back while

you asked me 

my opinions on

Negatives- memories and moments

you had Captured.

for your passion was to capture Moments.

to walk across the open room among books

and Music scores and paint- stained canvases 

and cand

of film,

as the Parisian man

Played his sweet song 

on the street corner,

Melody dancing sleepily 

Through the smudged,

open window.


I wanted.


what joy I wished for

To look into 

Eyes of one shared Creation

of your Name.

the beautiful eyes 

of a child

I had imagined 

so many nights as I

would lay beside you

and smile as you slept.

my beautiful Angel

wrapped in

your own

Amazing dreams-

Dreams i believed had

Been visited by my



i wanted to.

but you could not see.

sands of dreams

slipping through my

Delicate fingers.


i wanted what

You could not see.

© Copyright 2018 stefania alessandra christina pierucci. All rights reserved.

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