Gravity Pulse: New Frontier

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Chapter 14

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



Frontline Trenches

The moment the recruits got off the transport they could hear the sounds of war; explosions, gun fire, and the sounds of screams pierced the air. Pete slung his pack over his shoulders and filed in through the trenches, it was tight but nothing he couldn’t handle.

As he pushed through the narrow passages he could see the troops that were rotating out, there was nothing left in them, it was one thing to not smile but another to lose all hope, to just be dead on the inside, and while Pete had his anger that sustained him he knew that it was just a matter of time before he would be the same.

Allison followed behind, she was suddenly stopped as several soldiers carried out the bodies of their fallen brothers and sisters. She promised herself she wouldn’t become one of the, but then again they all probably thought the same thing. Once the last body had been carried out she caught up with Pete, “This is it, isn’t it?”

Pete nodded, “Ya it probably is.”

“Just promise me one thing,that you won’t do something stupid, and that includes dying!”

Pete turned away not saying anything but Allison caught his arm, “Don’t do that, don’t hide from em, especially not after what we’ve been through. Promise me!”

“I don’t want to make a promise I may not be able to keep”, Pete replied.

Allison looked at him sadly, “Fine but if you get yourself killed, I’m going to kill you, got it.”

Pete relented, “Fair enough, same goes for you!”

Allison smiled at him and they continued on into their barracks; they weren’t nearly as cramped as they pictured, but they would definitely be a lot more packed in then they were at the training camp.

As they settled in the squad leader suddenly jumped up, “OFFICER ON DECK!”

The rest immediately came to attention, until a voice spoke, “At ease, I’m Lieutenant Michael Forrest, and welcome to the frontline. This isn’t training anymore, there are no second chances out there and if you hesitate you may die or worse get your teammate killed. Is that understood?”


“Good, now as many of you are aware we entrenched near a military communications center. It’s one of the few still standing that is capable of secure communications both short and long range. That’s our objective, without it the FFH won’t be able to spread their propaganda and it will open up new avenues of communication. It also contains advanced radar so we can actually get our supply ships closer to the front line, command has ruled out bombing it for that reason so we don’t quit until it’s in Earth Gov hands.”

“Sir why can’t we hit them with an EM attack, knock out their defenses. We can move up while they’re blind”, asked one of the new recruits.

“It won’t work”, interrupted Pete, who got a bit of a glare from his commanding office, “Sorry sir.”

“Continue on Private, you’ve already cut me off might as well finish showing off how smart you are.”

“Military installations are shielding, we can’t hit them with any kind of interference, it also has shielding and interceptors so we can’t use artillery anywhere near it. The whole thing is designed to function no matter what; we don’t have the troops for a head on assault.”

“That’s enough Private, we have a squad that’s trapped and it’s just a matter of time before they’re found by the enemy so unless you have a better you will keep that mouth of yours shut and help the squad extend our trench defenses at the far side.”

“Yes sir”, Pete replied.

“Anderson take the Private and his friends to the far edge; I don’t have time to babysit a bunch of newbie’s and know it alls”, Lieutenant Forrest said glaring at Pete.

Anderson saluted in acknowledgement, “Alright everyone on me, keep your heads down and if you get killed, well too bad.”

The group carefully made their way through the narrow trench, with bombs and gunfire going off all around them it took quite a bit of time. Anderson picked up a couple of shovels and tossed one to Pete and another to Allison, “Time to get dirty, I want you lot to start digging out a spot for the turret supports.”

Pete and Allison started to dig; there was a surprisingly large amount of gravel and some sort of material that was as tough as concrete. Allison looked up at Pete, “What the hell is this stuff?”

“It’s some kind of insta-foam, starts as a liquid material until a second agent is added to start the hardening process, generally used to shelter pipes from the elements, I’ve never seen stuff like this”, he replied before finally breaking off a piece and inspected it, “There’s a mesh embedded in it, that’s weird.”

“Wouldn’t they need to have mould for the foam to form around?”

“Uhh ..No, they have a bag that has a programmable mesh that forms around an object that gets filled up. They then use the bag to control the temperature so that it hardens at a consistent rate. The wire inside is very … different, kinda reminds me of a faraday cage.”

“So whatever is under here must be valuable then. “

“Must be”, Pete replied, they both looked up at each other and started breaking through as fast as they could until they came across a pipe, “It’s a military hard-line, and must go to a nearby station.”

“HEY”, yelled Anderson, “Why aren’t you digging?”

“Sir, you need to see this”, Pete said pointing to a pipe, “Is there a nearby military relay station, or support center?”

“Ya, but the FFH blew it up already, there was nothing left. Our techs already tried to patch into it to bring the defenses down, so we can’t tap into it; which means, keep digging.”

“Allison, help me break it open.”

“Private, I gave you an order.”

“Sorry sir, just hear me out if …”


They looked back to see that Allison had broken through, exposing the wires, Pete knelt down to inspect them, and grabbed a tester out of a nearby tool kit and checked them. As the indicators glowed green, Pete smiled, “I need to speak with the Lieutenant immediately.”


“Because I think I have a way to take the FFH stronghold with minimal casualties.”

Anderson looked at Pete before stepping away and speaking into his radio, “You better be as smart as you think you are.”

Pete nodded in response and continued to clear away the area around the Pete; it took the Lieutenant several minutes until he arrived with Corporal O’Neill in tow, “What the hell is going on here?”

“Sir, I have a way to take that position out, using this”, Pete said pointing to the pipe.

“It’s a dead hard-line, we can’t access it without a matching terminal.”

“I know, but we don’t use it for that, Corporal can I borrow a spider bot?”

Corporal O’Neil hesitantly pulled one out and tossed it to Pete, who quickly pulled the back off and placed a piece of C4 on it, the Lieutenant grabbed his arm before he could continue, “What do you think you’re doing, those things aren’t cheap and you want to what, blow it up?”

“Exactly, we send the spider bots with bombs strapped to them, we send them down the pipe, find a large group of people and …” Pete said making an explosion gesture around his head.

“Great plan except for the radar on the military station, they would see it coming and blow it, assuming they haven’t done that already”, interjected O’Neill.

“They haven’t, I’m getting a response on a reader which means the wire is still connected and that likely means the pipe is still active. As for detecting they can’t, there’s a faraday cage in the insulation that surrounds the pipe, it we run the spiders at minimum power, disable the uplink and go slow they shouldn’t see it coming.”

The Lieutenant eyed Pete, “I guess you are as smart as you claim; Corporal O’Neill, Private Anderson round up as many spider bots as you can to give to the Private here. I also want this section fortified against attack but do it quietly so we don’t arouse any suspicion”, Forrest then looked back at Pete, “Good work Fredericks.”



Corporate Congress

It took longer than usual for everyone to sign on, with very few secure communication satellites available and the regular bombings no one could find a moment of peace. After nearly 30 minutes the last member finally connected. Number one cleared his throat and addressed the room, “Thank you all coming, I know this is a very trying time, we’ve had another six switchovers of business owners and …”

“You said this war would be over by now and would never hit us”, interrupted number ten.

“We’ve been losing employees, supply lines and most importantly we’ve actually lose some money! This war needs to end, now; we’ve achieved our goals, production and contracts peaked, a large number of the lower class has died, a huge amount of property is now open for development and Randy’s company is in complete disarray.”

Nearly everyone in the Corporate Congress agreed, they were all heavily taxed, more people had signed up for the war than had been anticipated, not just the homeless or the low end but skilled workers, people who were more than just cannon fodder.

“We can send in our own private armies”, suggested eleven.

“We aren’t even CLOSE to that yet”, snapped back four, “It would also leave us completely undefended!”

“Number four is right; we shouldn’t rush in to sacrifice our armies, at least not yet. Once both sides have weakened each other we can mop up whatever is left.”

“Do we have any way of controlling that at this point?”

“Unlikely, people have been unpredictable; with an abnormally high level patriotism people haven’t been interested in upgrading. We hope once the war is done things will be restored.”

“Never thought I’d see the day people actually cared what the government was doing!”

`“Regardless of how they are acting we still have a large number of reserves so for now, we must stay bunkered down; on the plus side Earth Govs foolish attack on the satellite has given us several openings to get cargo in and out. That should help us subside our losses for the time”, said Number one.

People calmed down a bit, getting resources through the blockade would be useful; the FFH wasn’t able to shoot down their ships easily and with high demand off world they could charge whatever they wanted, forcing the colonies to either pay or sacrifice themselves.

“There is another piece of good news, Randy has begun to break up his company allowing us to buy up more and more of it, including many patents that we never anticipated getting this early; in addition he has also foolishly decided to send in his remaining forces which should take the brunt of the Freedom for Humanity attack.”

Number nine smiled, “That man is spiraling more and more, we should’ve killed that bitch ages ago, never thought I’d see him this short sighted.”

There was a general applause and agreement; before eleven interjected, “If his remaining forces have been sent out then we can maybe direct the FFH to attack him head on. He holds one of the few remaining long range communication centers, either they’re destroyed in which case that's one less point of competition or they take them and if Earth Gov wins they’ll control them which won’t impact us that much; otherwise our armies take them over and we have even more control over the population.”

“That’s a good plan eleven, we still have enough connections embedded and angering them into an attack is relatively easy”, Number one replied, “Let’s leak it out slowly, eleven can you send out a timetable?”

“Absolutely, you’ll have it shortly.”

“Good, unfortunately we’re able to lose our secured comm line, so any other new business will have to wait until the next meeting!”

With that the lights went off, and Number Eleven disconnected and got to work planning a downfall that would never be forgotten.


Frontline Trenches

Pete finished putting together the last of the sentry bombs together, he looked up at Allison, “Alright it’s now or never”, he looked up and saw an odd look on Allison’s face, “What is it?”

Allison shook her head and smiled a bit, “Nothing …It’s just that ever since you started working on this project you’ve been happy; it’s one of the few times I’ve actually seen you smile, especially since Shao.”

Pete’s smile slowly faded remembering those who died, “I guess I got away from myself”, he said standing up. Allison grabbed his arm before he could get away, “It’s a good look on you, smiling. Don’t give up on it, they wouldn’t want us to.”

Pete put down his tools and looked up at Allison, “I just realized I never asked you who you lost, I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok”, Allison said with a partial smile, “It was …”

“Private Fredericks, how much longer do you need, we’re getting hammered out there.”

Lieutenant Forrest had startled both Pete and Allison, “Not much longer sir, I only have a few more to assemble and update their software. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours”

“Good, we’ve heard word that the enemy is getting new supply drops in the next couple days and we are running low; some of my men are trapped out there. I want these things ready to go before dawn; their solar reserves will be at the lowest and tend not to be too conservative. Will the drones be able to make it in time?”

“I believe so sir, with how so slow I’ve set them I estimate it will take three to three and a half hours for the spiders to get to the base station and just shy of an hour for them to get into position, depending on troop positions.”

“That’s what I want to hear, we’ll deploy at 0100, once you’re done go get some rest. That’s an order!”

Pete and Allison saluted as the Lieutenant left the tent. It didn’t take long for them to finish and stack the spiders into crates. Several marines came in and they moved the crates to the front line. Pete was amazed at how fast the squad fortified that section; although it was doubtful you could tell from the enemy camp.

The pipes had been cleared of debris and the squad started to load them in one at a time; the spider drones moved extremely slowly as to not make any noise that would trigger any kind of alert. Within minutes they had been shrouded in darkness and switched to an automated mode that Pete had specifically programmed in so they could minimize communication.

The Lieutenant had ordered the bulk of the army to get some rest, with just enough of a patrol to watch for the enemy movement. The FFH rarely attacked especially at night, the Lieutenant figured that they were more interested in holding that tower rather than advancing that position; he couldn’t blame them as there wasn’t much advantage to their position and it was hard to keep. He prayed that the plan would work, he only knew of Private Fredericks in passing; the Lieutenant continued to read Private Fredericks profile, and was surprised, a large number of awards and commendations during his civilian life, he was surprised that command didn’t have him working in a think tank, which meant he pissed the wrong person off or if he actually wanted to be on the front line he must have friends in very high places.

“Sir!” The Lieutenant had dozed off reading and looked up to see Corporal O’Neil and Private Anderson standing at the entrance, “The spider drones are in position.”

The Lieutenant bolted up immediately, “O’Neill, get the squad ready to advance, Anderson have artillery load for long range bombardment, we’ll need them blind and maxing out the shield strength.”

“Yes Sir!” they both said saluting before leaving, the Lieutenant quickly got ready and made his way out to the front line to see the squad nearly ready, including Pete and Allison. He marched over to Pete, “What do you think you’re doing Private?”

“Getting ready for the assault Sir!”

“I need you here in case anything goes wrong!”

“With all due respect sir, even if something goes wrong there isn’t anything I’ll be able to do, the spiders are on a seek and destroy mission, I set the uplink so they could only receive a single signal to detonate so they couldn’t be tracked or hacked. Also it’s my plan and my responsibility; I should be with my team.”

The Lieutenant looked into Pete’s eyes; he saw an anger and darkness that he recognized all too well, and knew that if he challenged him on this then he would find another way to get himself killed, “Alright, get information then!”

Pete nodded and joined Allison, who was double checking her rifle, “It was my sister.”


“What you asked me last night, who I lost? It was my twin sister; she was killed during the attacks, Aubrey Darius. She worked at Earth Gov Monitoring Center, absolutely hated it there”, Allison said with a sad laugh, “All she wanted to do was see the stars, wasn’t even supposed to be there that day, but someone pulled out and she had to go in to go in for a field trip.”

Pete paused for a moment, “I’m sorry.”

“The worst part is we had a fight that morning about something so stupid, that I can’t even remember what, and now all I want to do is tell her that I love her”, Allison said with a shaky voice, wiping her face.

There was a moment of silence as Allison thought about her sister, and Pete putting his hand on her shoulder, feeling a twig of shame for not asking earlier and dumping all of his crap on her, “I wish I had asked sooner, what was she like?”

“Oh god, she was such a bitch”, Allison said laughing trying to hide her tears.

“Huh, and here I thought twins were opposites!””

Allison playfully shoved Pete, “Jerk!” she retorted before they both laughed.


The squad looked to see the Lieutenant standing over them, “Today is they day that we take back from them, there will be no retreat and no surrender!” he said strongly before grabbing his radio, “Commander start long range artillery, keep firing until the shields are down; Demolitions on the third bombardment detonate the spiders!”


The sentry peaked up and surveyed, “Direct hit sir.”

The demolition team sent the signal to the spiders as the artillery as the Lieutenant grabbed, the ladder, “CHARGE!”


Near the frontline

Sergeant Kalahan peered out a small opening keeping an eye out for any troop movements; it had been several days now since they were caught off and they were running low on supplies. He felt someone touch his arm, “Sir”, the voice asked shakily.

He turned around and saw one of the soldiers looking a tad ill, “What is it Private?”

“I’ve been talking with the squad and running out there is suicide, we wouldn’t last 5 minutes.”

“I know, but we won’t last much longer in here, and we should fight while we have the strength; besides it’s just a matter of time before the find us. To be honest I’m surprised they haven’t yet.”

“It’s just … I … I don’t want to die sir.”

“Me neither … “

One of the marines came in from a back room, “Sir, they found us, sweeper team on its way.”

“Right”, Kalahan said quietly, “Alright everyone, get up!”

The soldiers started standing up, it took some effort, they weren’t doing so well, mostly due to malnourishment; Sergeant Kalahan knew they wouldn’t be able to withstand whatever the enemy was coming with he couldn’t afford to let his soldiers to give up, “The debate on whether we stay or go is over, the enemy is coming and they are going to break done that door. While there may be no exit that also means they can only come through that door”, he said pointing, “So, we are going to plug that hole, let them decide who gets to die next! Get everything from the back and build up some cover, I don’t care if it’s a piece of paper or the shit you just took; I want it up here now! ”

The soldiers started to scramble forming a line passing one item after another, Kalahan took a strong breath and pushed over a few of the tables helping stack what they had.


The soldiers looked at the door, the sweeper team had arrived. They immediately got into position, staying behind their makeshift wall. Sergeant Kalahan readied his weapon, “Short bursts, don’t waste a single bullet, and if it’s your time to die than make it count!”

As the squad got ready the ground shook.


The battering ram stopped as dirt rained down from the ceiling, “What the hell.”

The explosions continued and Kalahan stood up cautiously and slowly walked over to the door signaling to his squad to stay down. He opened the pothole on the door and carefully peaked out; he saw the battering ram dead and the soldiers gone. While the FFH wasn’t very good at strategy they would never just leave equipment especially when they were about to win. As some of the dust settled he saw more blast in the distance, it wasn’t from artillery though; there were explosions from inside the base. Earth Gov must finally had brought in some support he looked back at his team smiling, “Looks like we aren’t dying today, let’s go.”

Sergeant Kalahan opened the door and staying low, moved forward; his squad following in a tight formation behind him. As they got closer he could see their forces going over the enemy trench line, overwhelming.

“Sir, how could they break through that shield, I didn’t think it was possible?”

“I don’t know, and right now it doesn’t matter”, he yelled back, “What does matter is our brothers and sisters need our help, and we aren’t going to let them done, let’s move.”

Sergeant Kalahan moved up quickly, a few of his men were picked off by stray gunfire but they were able to join up with their fellow squad mates and pushed forward


The squad quickly went up and over the trench line, and as the FFH begun to start firing the spiders did their job; explosions rocked the entire facility, taking out the shields and barricades. As the Earth Gov forces moved up they felt the ground shake. It took the FFH several minutes to get their bearings, and while some were able to start firing at the Earth Gov forces many were shaken and broken having never seen real combat or had proper training. Earth Gov forces quickly swarmed the front line trenches.

Pete and Allison fired down into the trenches, helping to clear a path, and were joined by Anderson. It didn’t take long to clear the front line trenches, it was difficult to navigate as the spiders had been under the boards and as a result there were several small craters in the ground.

As they fought Pete’s rage overtook him and he fired madly, gunning down any FFH forces that were in the way, regardless of if they were fighting or running. Allison tried to reach him but he was moving too quickly into the enemy forces, systematically clearing out any opposition, as she ducked down for cover she spotted a reflection from a small structure, “PETE SNIPER!”


Pete was suddenly on the ground, breathing heavily slightly disoriented. It took him a moment to realize Anderson was on top of him having tackled him to the ground; Anderson rolled off to the side, grabbing an enemy RPG he clicked it to manual and fired it into the building. Allison moved up to cover him taking out several more enemies.

Anderson helped to finish off the forces in the area before grabbing Pete off the ground and pushing him against the wall, out of harms, “Are you hit?”

Pete checked himself and picked up his helmet, the bullet had cut a path across the top, it would’ve easily killed him, “Thanks for ….”

“How about next time you stay in formation instead of playing Rambo, and endangering your team now get down!” Anderson replied angrily.

Pete nodded, and took a deep breath. Several of the spiders had done destroyed a few of the wall in the fortified areas giving the Earth Gov forces very quick access, that coupled with superiors training and organization, the compound was taken over.

Some of the FFH soldiers fought to the death shooting anyone that wanted to surrender or run, it wasn’t long until only one stronghold remained. Unfortunately it was also a supply line access point, meaning they could hold out until reinforcements arrived.

Lieutenant Forrest made his way forward, and as he proudly looked at everyone his command and heard a voice from behind him, “What took you so long sir?”

Turning around he saw Kalahan, a little worse for wear, but alive, “Sergeant, I told you not to get caught, in fact I remember giving you explicit orders not to.”

“To be fair sir, we didn’t get caught, just couldn’t make it back.”

The Lieutenant let out a bit of a laugh, “Have the medic check you and your team out.”

“Once we’ve won sir.”

“Then let’s end this”, The Lieutenant replied before grabbing a megaphone, “You are surrounded, surrender now and we promise you will not be killed.”

The FFH responded with several rounds of machine gun fire; the Lieutenant quickly dropped down behind cover, “Corporal O’Neil, have you heard anything from Command?”

“We don’t have secure communications currently, and we won’t until this one is up and running.”

“Contact the engineer corps. I want that tower to be their new priority.”

“Yes Sir”, he said before running off.

“Fredericks, is there any way into that bunker.”

“Not that I’m aware of, artillery is too far out and by the time we got it moved up the FFH reinforcements would be here.”

“Damnit, alright get me … “


A loud noise began to build up, “What the HELL IS THAT?”

In the distance several gunships and escorts moved in, “This is Captain Brooks of the 43rd, courtesy of ChronoCorp, we heard you boys took back our tower, air support available.”

“Could to hear from you Captain, we have some scum that haven’t gotten the hint they’ve lost.”

“Copy that, paint the target and we’ll show them how bad they’ve lost.”

The Lieutenant smiled and turned to his squad, “You heard the Captain, give them a target.”

Several marines moved up and set a device with a long range laser, marking the building. The gunships came back around and fired a missile at the building.


The building was leveled in an instant, the squad moved in to mop up, they only found a few survivors which were quickly arrested and given a quick medical check before being thrown in a cell for transport to a prisoner camp.

The Lieutenant stood proudly, and walked over the Fredericks extending his hand, “Good work Private, you have no idea how many lives you just saved, and you should really be working with the other geniuses.”

“Thank you for saying sir, but I’m done in a lab. I’m here for revenge plan and simple! If I may be excused sir there’s still a lot of work and places to check!”

“Carry on then Private”, the Lieutenant made a note to watch Pete carefully, while revenge is powerful motivator in can also make people careless and go off the reservation. He just needed to stay grounded.

The gunships circled overhead looking for a place to land, bring some much needed supplies and hope.



Presidential Bunker

The President looked over the reports, while they were technically winning it tasted as bitter as defeat. While they may be victorious, it would be a pyrrhic victory and she was left wondering what to do next. While they had taken out Alpha-7 and a much needed gap to run supply ships it didn’t feel like it mattered, all those souls lost and it didn’t seem to mean a damn thing. The President let herself sit back in her chair, her eyes tired and saddened by the horrors of the war.

While their enlistment numbers were still high it was becoming harder to cloth, feed and train everyone. Supply lines had been thinning out, and while they weren’t in danger they needed a new approach before winning would be worse than defeat. She poured herself another drink, just wanting a moment to escape, there was just no winning.


The President looked down at her screen, another status report had come through, no doubt more of the same they pushed us back and we fought and pushed them back just a bit further. While victories were good it was hard to celebrate a few clicks and likely thousands more dead. She sat back in her chair and took another drink, it didn’t seem to burn as much anymore, she thought to herself, unsure if that was a good or bad thing.

After a few minutes of listening to the computer beeping she finally opened it up, and perused the daily casualty reports; before she could read more she was interrupted by her Chief of Staff, “Madam President, did you see the news?”

The President looked at him, “I am reading about thousands of deaths, what happen did they surrender?”

The Chief of Staff stepped in and closed the door, “No ma’am but one of our forward teams captured a high valued target, one of the last communication towers. It’s going to cripple the Freedom Party’s ability to securely coordinate and spread their propaganda. We’ve done a huge blow to the enemy and given us a massive advantage, and with almost no losses, a huge victory.”

The President could hardly believe what she was hearing, “How did they take it, I thought it was impossible to take?”

“Not sure, Lieutenant Forrest is still securing the location and the tower was slightly damaged so communications are still not secure; but the damage is apparently not permanent so we should be up and running in no time.’

“Remind me to promote him when he returns.”

“He deserves every medal we have ma’am.”

Another alert appeared on her phone, “We’ll have to continue this later, I have a meeting with the Soroyans and they requested it to be private.”

The Chief of staff left the room, and the President sent a signal indicating she was ready for their meeting.

It was less than a minute before the Soroyan Ambassador and High Chancellor N’Vorm both appear on her view screen, “Madam President, we saw the destruction of several of your ships, and while we were able to recover many of the pods, many more could not be. We wanted to check in and see how you were doing and offer our condolences.”

“I greatly appreciate it, especially that many could be saved, we are winning the war; in fact we just had a huge victory that will enable better communications, in addition I do have windows for you to get your people off the world if they desire and allow supply ships to come down, if you are still willing to help us.”

“That is good news, we will coordinate rescue ships immediately, and as for our promise we intend to honour what we said.”

“Thank you both, your patience and understanding in this terrible war has been inspirational.”

“That is good to hear, but before we run out of time there is a matter we must discuss with you, are you alone?”

“I am.”

 “We are aware that certain resources are not as easy to come by, energy cells for weapons, power generation for shields and tactical data on the troop movements.”

The President hesitated, “Yes … what are you saying though?”

“We are just pointing several shortcomings with your situation, and that one might need those supplies to continue the fight. And while we can’t directly get involve we are currently reading a gap in the Freedom for Humanity’s defenses in Northern Canada; so that might be a good position for our next medical relief.”

“Yes”, the President said understanding, “We will reinforce that position, just to make sure that those supplied get to the people that need them.”

“There is also the problem of the Jupiter Transfer Station, with the FFH in full control we can’t get to the Soroyans on Ganymede, and they will start suffering soon; you must send a ship in to take care of that.”

“The Nemesis was supposed to make the run; it’s the only one with armour strong enough to repel the stations defenses. After the devastating attack on the platform the engines and power systems were too badly damaged. If we used the gravity drive to send it out it would be destroyed, and there isn’t enough power for conventional engines”

“If the ship were to hypothetically get out there would it be strong enough to attack and breach the station.”

“Yes easily, but as I stated the ship is no shape to go out there, and if you’re seen repairing the ship then there will be hell to pay”, replied the President.

“As long as it’s strong enough, we have no intention of repairing; here comes the hard part”, the Ambassador said taking a breath, “We need you to give us the security codes for your gravity satellites.”

“I don’t … understand”, the President said slightly confused.

“We can extend the shields of our cruiser around your ship, and pull it inside the wormhole; and then stay in hyperspace as your ship drops out making it appear it made the journey on its own. That way no one will know that we were involved.”

“Why would you need security clearance, wouldn’t the same thing work if we entered?”

“That may be true, but there is a chance that the gravity probe may lock onto your ship then and if so then it would be ripped apart. Even if we could extend our shields there is no telling if we could keep up once the gravity pulse was triggered.”

The President considered what they were saying, giving away the access codes to their gravity network presented a huge security risk, it was their only advantage over the FFH and if they were ever intercepted then it would give them a massive tactical advantage, she hasn’t realized how long she was thinking before the High Chancellor interrupted her thoughts, “Is everything alright Madam President.”

“Yes sorry, I was just thinking for a moment.”

“I know what we are asking, and with the situation on Earth it’s a risk to you and your people but I ask that you trust us, the Soroyan’s have never threatened you.”

“It’s not a matter of whether I trust you; I can’t transfer you the codes though.”

“I see …”

“What I mean is I can’t transfer them to you it would be a huge breach, the data burst would draw significant attention and it wouldn’t take long to figure out what I sent you. That being said while we are re enforcing the location in Canada a crate of goodwill items could be left behind as a thank you for your supplies.”

The High Chancellor smiled, “I understand, I guess officially nothing can be done then, now we have preparations to make to get our fellow Soroyan’s back and taken care of; once you get us the access and the Nemesis gets into position we’ll send it out. A data burst with the required information will follow shortly.”

The screen immediately cut, the President let out a smile for the first time in a long time, they might actually turn this thing around.


Frontline Trenches - Communication Tower

Pete slide away from his squad as they cheered, celebrating their victory. Partying wasn’t for him at least not anymore, as he walked down the halls he ran into Private Anderson, “Fredericks I wanted to talk to you.”

“I know I screwed up today Anderson and I’m… “

Anderson cut him off, “We’ve all been there Fredericks, don’t sweat it; you really pulled through though, most people when they get like that don’t listen and continue on and get themselves killed, you snapped back though. It’s good to know you aren’t completely off the rails and beyond helping”, he finished saying extending his hand.

“Thanks”, Pete replied shaking Anderson’s hand.

“Now the Freedom party left a ton of food and drinks so get your ass up there and celebrate.”

“I will I’m still a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, just give me a few minutes and I’ll join you.”

“Fair enough man, take care!”

Pete let Anderson walked away and carefully ducked into the stairway, double checking that no one was behind him. He continued down the stairs before going into an auxiliary station plugging in the data drive and letting the program do its thing; while he opened up a command shell and ran his own program.

“Private Fredericks”, a voice called out.

The voice startled Pete, he discretely covered the data drive and turned around, checking the strips, recognizing it as a Sergeant he stood at attention saluting, “Sir!”

“At ease Private, I hear you’re the one to thank for saving my ass”, the Sergeant said before extending his hand, “Sergeant Kalahan, and if what I’ve seen today is any indication I’ll be saluting you soon.”

“Thank you sir.”

Kalahan looked over at the screen, “What are you doing down here Private, I thought the soldiers were all celebrating.”

“Checking the computers for traps sir, not much of partier sir, and besides you can never be too careful when it comes to the Freedom Party.”

“Ain’t that the truth, but if I can give you some advice Private, these parties aren’t about you, or what you want. It’s about your squad, your family; they need to see all the different sides of you. And ya these computers need to be checked, and they will, tomorrow.”

“But if we broadcast and they have …”

“We aren’t broadcasting yet Private, you will have all day to finish your work, if it’s there you’ll find it and either it can be fixed and we can use it or we go to plan C.”

“Plan C sir?”

Sergeant smiled and started for the door, “C4.”

Pete smiled a bit, it was lame but still, “Right.”

“Now get up there, I can make it an order if it makes you feel better.”

Pete looked back at the computer terminal, it wouldn’t take much to set things up, “Yes sir, just give me 15 minutes to get myself ready.”

“Make it 10 Private, or I’m going to shoot you.”

“Yes sir!”

Once Kalahan left Pete continued to work, he checked the progress of the data drive; it was nearly done. He quickly finished getting his program running, there wouldn’t be any time to test things out, and he would just need to pray that it was working. It took about 5 more minutes to finish and he closed everything down as to not create suspicion when the next person opened it up.

Pete made his way up the party and found Anderson and Allison, she turned to address him, “Well look who decided to grace us with his prescience, where the hell have you been?”

“Well my hair didn’t look right, and then I saw a smudged on my shirt …”

Allison playfully shoved him, “See I told you, total drama queen.”

“I can see it”, Anderson replied, “Well don’t worry your highness I will make sure there isn’t so much as pea underneath your mattress.”

“Funny”, before Pete could get out another word a couple of marines put their arms around him, “HEY EVERYONE IT’S FREDERICKS!”

There was an abundance of cheering which quickly turned into people chanting his name “FREDERICKS FREDERICKS!”

He was given several drinks, and met more people in 5 min that he had since he got there. He really couldn’t afford to be noticed this much but before he could get out he saw Kalahan smiling at silently cheersing him. Pete decided to take Kalahan’s advice and embrace the party, and for a moment he even forgot why he was so angry.


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