Promise Broken

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An apology poem to the woman I love. For reference, "Onion Knight" and "Sweetie Pea" are pet names for each other based on a game I was making.

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



A promise was broken
To always be there
As was her heart
Treated without care

I made her shed tears
And caused her pain and strife
I thought only of my problems
And not the ones in her life

I wanted to be her hero
The one who ended her woes
But only fixed in the ways I wanted
Instead of the solutions she chose

She tried to tell me her thoughts
And that nothing was wrong
But I repeated my worries
Like the chorus of a song

I thought a rift had started
The distance had grown so far
But it was my own hands that shaded

The light from our star

Shes growing and learning
To be her own woman and mother
She hopes to stand by herself
More than relying on another

She wanted my support
And the space to bloom
But I misinterpreted her needs
As the start of our love’s doom

Immaturity and anxiety
Were hues that painted my tone
And without a sense of shame
Off the handle I had flown

Now I can see my blunders
And mistakes that are glaring

I just wish for a chance to ask
If I could be so daring

Please forgive me Kaitlyn
For the hurt that I cause
For the promises I’ve broken
For giving into my flaws

For not appreciating our friendship
For not trusting your word
For not listening to what you said
And overthinking what I heard

For doubting our bond
And fearing our fire had gone out
For disrespecting your space
For every fight and every bout

I am learning to change
The words I write here are true
That I can be a better man
For myself and for you

Tommorrow, next week or next year
Think for as long as you need
Whether our love is worth saving
Or from our bond you want to be freed

No matter your choice
I accept it with all due respect
But knowing I didn’t at least try
Would be something I regret

Take care of yourself
Sweetie Pea, my dear
And if your feelings ever come back
Your Onion Knight is still here

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