The Onion Knight

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A poem I wrote for my game, "The Onion Knight". I have put the project on hiatus, but I was bored. As I work on it more, expect more submissions.

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



Onion Knight, take up arms

Your kingdom is in need
The Candy Corps begin to swarm

So mount your hot dog steed


Princess Pea requests your aid

As sugar coated enemies block her path

Grip your courage and your carrot blade

Show no fear, only wrath


The villain is an Apple named Rotten

Many victims lay trapped in caramel

His crimes will not be forgotten

As his ranks begin to swell


Candy corn brigands wield

bombs of syrup, sugar and fat

Lollipop hammers to shatter your shield

and pound away until you are flat


Numerous layers of armor protect thee

Your odor and your sword leaves evil repelled

Your companions are numbered three

And will not stop till you or the villains are felled


You must travel from fridge’s cold to oven’s fire

And navigate the waters of the sink

Oh, the situation has become dire

Hurry, and don’t stop to think


Hope seems at it’s end

And is all but lost

So take arms, my friend

And prevail no matter the cost


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