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If you want to hear about Dark-Lord's Stronghold, his being, desires, judgements here is the poem. Thank you. Some art links also is given inside as link which inspires me. Namárië...

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018





North it was the stronghold, as far as possible

Middle-Earth’s weary lands

To be more tired

To be clothed slowly colour of ashes

Much more and much more ashes

Northward it was


That Vala’s unrecognizing the rest,

Put up all alone, made built to his servants

The walls, with dungeons deep thousand times

That Vala’s named it a Northward stronghold

Northward it was


With harmony, merciless just imitating

The perfectness of elves, with music

He made the walls built

Vala of the darkness, the only thing that he imitates

Was the Vala of perfectness’ castle

Northward it was


As his name was Melkor when the elves were asleep

He heard the perfectness from the music, wanted to make his be heard

Eru should regret it, not admiring the notes

He was always talking the Black Speech in harmony in his castle, then

Northward it was


He should make his own music, who could interfere in

Who could have dared, would Iluvatar have made a visit

Would he say he liked it, the evil comes from his own being

Would he admit, would he admit

And say the real thing that the castle,

Northward it was


The only place he had to visit in Middle-Earth and  Arda, and then in Ea

And in the infinite Void was only one place indeed

He should be a guest to his stronghold, see the ingenuity of him

Should see Eru, the source of evil was himself no one else that the castle

Northward it was


Here woke up the Firstborns, they will hear the Melkor’s name

He would uproot the stars, he would pick them from his stronghold

That the Vala would make the darkness dominant over the Middle-Earth

That only one thing that he wanted was the playing of his notes

That he was sitting in magnificence throne

At the Utumno.


Cover Art: https://www.deviantart.com/jordangrimmer/art/The-Gates-of-Amhrak-449844346

Art Inside: https://www.deviantart.com/dymondstarr/art/Morgoth-He-Who-Arises-In-Might-665804114

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