The Passion of The Galaxy

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I have a very keen fascination with the galaxy and all the wondrous gifts our solar system plays into our everyday life, from the warmth of the sun, the cast of the moon, to such diverse stars that
resides among the constellation, to astronomy. Such a beautiful fascination followed me from high school through my college years.

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018




Can you feel it

Shh, allow the galaxy to pamper your body, blanket the essence of your mind, bit-by-bit

Travel on a higher awareness to understand the galaxy’s gentle gift

Close your eyes and allow your mind to softly drift


Soft Moonlight Dust

Illuminating the night skies, given warmth of its inner trust

Centered in the sky, a star abates for its enlighten thrust

Kindred minds to enrapture, as souls physically adjust

So gentle, as a touch to the skin

An inner space to conquer, there an exploring craving begins

Awareness of self stirring into the constellation

Bodies attuned beyond the stretch of imagination

Savoring on the flavor of the alignment sweeten taste

Desires igniting an inferno, the heat of its flames refusing to wait

Overheated friction surrendering without debates

Runaway yearning weakening in the presence of fate

The ecstasy of the moonlight’s dust felt, abiding to the crack of dawn

Emotions of the elixir slowly withdrawn

A Cheshire moonrise

Always a sacred communion given in surprise

Masked feelings hidden behind the stars in our eyes

Sprinkles of pixie dust as the moon becomes full

Paired upon, as lace meets wool

Interwoven and tenderly spun on a galactic spool


Stars In Exile

Twinkling for eyes to glimpse beyond the earth’s smile

Canopus to Antares, oh how you make me shine

Closing my eyes, coveting your point as I’m making you mine

Settled and glittering as small diamonds binding in the sky

A wondrous elopement to experience in the blink of an eye

Soft whispers to the ones that shoot right before they fall

Such a beautiful and breathlessly cadence to wish under them all


The Gift Of The Sun’s Stroke

Umm, shooting stars kept me awoke

Relentless bodies bathing under the moon

Caresses, touches, entwined souls echoing the note of its weakening tunes

Sweeter and sweeter, deeper and deeper

Bodies fueled, hot as a heater, bodies climbing steeper and steeper

Heat consumes the interior of the temple

Sweat of life, as movements come together and then disassemble

Elated, sedated, dipping in a cool blue lagoon

Kisses under the sun on a beautiful afternoon

Temperatures rising not a moment too soon

June slamming into summer’s heat

A merriment of a sun stroke basking in the glorious feast

The galaxy and its spicy passion

A gift to the world to enjoy in any unbridled fashion


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