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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: THIS OR THAT

lets take it back 

way way back.

back to riden on the train tracks 

with a back pack

full of tapes.

doing w.e it takes.

we had the beats

while we hit those streets. 

passing by the everdayers
but they will never understand how we get our flavor
they said oh no you cant save her.

thats why i one nighted her ,,
but then one night turned into 3 years
now im fighting these lost tears.
fuck everyday fears 

i been living in the dark 

for many many years .
like meth said

. i come from the dirt.

so i guess im like the night of the living dead.
zombie mood

ima be this way til im gray n old .
or untill i have a baby to hold.
my words may not be much or be worth gold.
but just know i cant stop till im world wide known.
but for now

im JERESY grown

..dirty dirty jersey

n proud of it.

we got the water pakes

the board walks.
the street races.
even got those strange hounted places

but best beelive jersey 

is what raised me. 

so im be 732

till the day i d.i.e

i learned my skills from biggy.

n most and mainly from the one n only TUPAC
yeah i used to rave n pop n lock
even tried break dancing.
yeah im done im stuck ..........

nah im not done i said 

i wont stop .

cant stop.
im gonna do me

till i get my name on mtv.

but thats back in the 90s .

Submitted: July 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 2die4. All rights reserved.

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