Dear Little Traveler

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Dedicated to my father who will always be a kid in his heart, and who will always travel from place to place having no permanent home to come back...

Submitted: July 04, 2018

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Submitted: July 04, 2018



Dear little traveler,

Don't be sad,

It's time to be the story teller

Please be glad (don't be sad)


Don't be restless my friend

Don't be restless.

Even though everything seems hopeless

God's mercy has no end.


In my heart, I see your innocence

And your time has stopped

I see your scars 'cause of violence

Pieces of your heart have dropped.


A little kid forever in your heart

you kept dreaming no matter time

You were falling apart,

but for you, it was just fine.


Dear little traveler,

eaten by the years, 

my father...

Even when he shed tears.


Oh little one,

I want you to heal from your aching

and look at the past laughing

for everything done.


I don't want you to be frustrated,

I want you to be glad,

so deep in you heart the pain has penetrated,

and has taken you away dad.


You already know,

Time won't go back

Your will never grow

Your hope is faded in black


I want you to know,

Don't think you are alone

There are things I cannot explain 

But I'm here somewhere not gone,

waiting for you to come back again.

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