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This poem is about the futility of human life . Our life is nothing but a Fake Dream , Fake hope and Fake Ambition. When we live in this dream it seems that all is real but when we realise the
harsh reality, Our eyes get opened. We see nothingness but the futility of life. This fake hope offers our peace so that can carry on our rest of the journey.

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018






My long life gets short,

I find peace nowhere;

Sometimes I burnt to ashes,

As corpse on the pyre ;


Sometimes I freeze to ice ,

Upon a sea of Mystic;

As an iceberg floats lonely,

In the forlorn water of Arctic;


Sometimes I fly through the clouds,

As a Hawk flew deep;

Now I see all is fake,

As I,m dreaming in my sleep;


My hands are empty,

But I hope grasp all;

For You my Fake Dream,

Now I'm going to fall;


I think I am free,

But in my mind I'm confined;

The house of my skyscraper gets

blot's strike, Now I am ruined;


I hope I'll break,all barriers of

Fake dream one day;

But I fear to face these,

My soul has lost the reason to stay;


It is the fake dream,

That encourages to live;

It is the Fake dream,

That give cause to live;


Now I'm happy to dwell with all these,

It is my Fake Dream that brings eternal peace.

Abir Roy ( 05-07-2018 )

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