The Supermarket Visit.

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Of all the people to be bumping into-- a woman with two times triplets.

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



Some of these supermarkets has a nasty habit of stacking things very high from on the floor. I happened one day to accidentally bump into one. It was not of my doing, for I have always tried to keep well away from those piles. Unfortunately for me this stack were of  bottled ketchup[ sauce. They came crashing down to the floor, and what a mess there was. I tried kiking the pieces into a heap to make it easier for the cleaners who immediately were there and begun to clean up.
It's well and good that I didn't have to pay for the lot. That would have been a very expensive day for me. I heard that it was not the first time that such a thing had happened. It happened quite often. And I just couldn't understand why they still carried on stacking them up like that.
I went up to the second floor where the canteen was. Lunch time was near, so I wasted  no time, and ordered mine, found a table and sat down. No sooner had I done so than to see a young woman coming in the canteen with six kids beside her. The woman looked to be around the age of 25. She was pretty, with a nice slim figure. It was going through my head that she must be a minder, far too young to have so many kids, and with that figure as well.
They came and occupied the tables just beside me. Aftr she had all the food ordered, and they were now eating away, she said to me, ''rather unlucky for you with those curry bottles!''
I said, '' Yes, It wasn't my day.''
I'm glad she approach me first. Normally. women won't do that unless it was very important or if they knew you.
''You must be a baby-sitter, '' I said. ''Having so many kids around you
''No. The kids are mine!''
''I'm surprised because of your figure. How did you mangae that? I know I see women who have had two kids, and they're still in a beautiful shape., but six?  What's the secret?'' I asked her.
''Maybe it's because I always keep myself fit and eat the right food.'' She told me.
''That is clever. I guess the kids must be around six or seven.'' I asked.
''You guess is right,'' she said. ''I had two times triplets. They're now six and seven. Are you psychic?''
''I'm a bit sensitive. If you don't mind me asking, where is your hubby?''
''Him!''  She said. ''I kicked him out.''
''That's a shame, didn't you love him?'' I asked.
''Yes, I do. But he's giving out triplets every time. He's not far away.''
''Where is he?''
''Didnt you know that he has taken over your body?''

The End.

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