You and I, as One.

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You and I enjoy a night we’ll never forget. This is love.

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



It’s nearing 1am on a Saturday morning and you’ve been dancing and enjoying your night with your friends for a couple hours, where your eyes and mine have met more than once. The harder you try, the more you look. You drink a shot and keep dancing with your friends to distract you. You feel a tap on your shoulder and turn around to see me, smiling. “I’d ask to buy you a drink but you just finished one- how about I ask you to dance with me instead.” You smirk and nod, allowing me to take your hand to lead you to the dance floor where an obnoxiously catchy dance song is playing. You let loose as we both make fools of ourselves trying to get the groove, laughing at and with one another. The music turns slow, so I look at you and smile, offering you my left hand. You put your right hand against my left and my right hand reaches around your waist and brings you tightly to me. You rest your left arm around my neck and let me take the lead. We lock eyes as we move as one in the same figure-8 pattern on the floor, your body and mine indistinguishable as we can’t keep our eyes off one another. “Do you trust me?” I whisper in your ear. You nod, and in an instant, my right hand comes off your waist, I lift up our hands and you spin outward, our bodies met by only our hands holding each other. You let out a laugh in disbelief and you smile as you spin your way back into my arms, where I lower you off your feet, you grab onto my neck with both hands and you feel your lips and mine connect. The night’s tense moments finally brought my kiss to your lips and you feel a rush through your arms and neck, keeping our lips tightly locked as I lift you back up onto your feet and grip your waist tightly once more. You open your eyes and you forget that we’re surrounded by people. “I’ve never felt anything like that before,” you insist as you kiss my lips and touch my cheeks. “Two A.M., that means last call folks!” The announcer declares. “I’ve never done this before, but what do you say we get outta here?” I say before I ask you home with me. “I’d like nothing more,” you agree.


The cab door closes behind me and I take your hands and whisk you, still dancing in circles, up the steps and through the front door. You stop for a second as I close the door and we look into each others eyes. “Do you wanna do this?” I ask, holding your hands. You lean in and kiss my lips and whisper “Yes.” You unbutton my shirt and swiftly take the sleeves off my arms, still keeping your lips on mine. We walk with a hustle toward the bedroom, leaving my shirt and our shoes on the floor. I move from your lips to your neck, my hands feeling the curve of your hips and wrapping around your waist. Your hands feel my chest as I move my lips back to yours. “Undress me,” you insist. “My pleasure,” I admit. My right hand moves to your back to feel for your zipper and my left rests on your thigh. I unzip you gently and watch as your dress falls off your chest, revealing your see-through black lace panties and your bare, perky breasts that are made complete by your gentle dark brown areolas and your already-hard nipples. My hand comes off your thigh and cups your left breast and my mouth latches onto your right nipple, where I trace the circle of your areola with my tongue and suck. Your hand grips my neck and your body tenses up as you take a deep breath before you unbutton and drop my pants, allowing you to see the outline of my excitement just for you. My mouth moves to yours as we fall to the bed wrapped up in the excitement. Our eyes meet and you feel your primal desire take over, forcing me to lay back on the bed as you kiss your way down my stomach, kissing the outline of my erect penis. I lift up and you whisk my boxers off, making my cock bounce in your face, lighting it up with happiness. I kick off my boxers as you kiss the shaft, licking from the base of my balls to the head of my cock before putting your lips around just the head, licking in a circular motion while your hands fondle my balls. Your eyes meet mine as you smirk and once again close your lips around the head, keeping eye contact as you go all the way down carefully and your eyes water as you make your way back up, licking the shaft inside your tightly-closed mouth as you go. I relax as you work your magic, following a pattern of circles, strokes and licks until I can’t take it anymore. I motion you up to me, make out with your plump lips and switch positions, laying you back and kissing your lips and your breasts once more before I lick my way down from your neck to your bellybutton and onto your pubic mound over your see-through, visibly-wet panties. I kiss over the material covering your outer labia before I slip my finger into the band of your panties, just enough to give my teeth room to clench your panties. I put your knees together and lift your cute round ass into the air and pull with my mouth. I hear the quiet sound of your wetness part with the material as I pull them off your thighs and down your legs. You kick them to the floor as I kiss your pubic mound, where you’ve trimmed the shape of a heart. Your breathing quickens as I lower my kiss onto both of your labia majora. I stop for a brief second to marvel at your excited vagina, wet and plump in excitement and anticipation. My finger traces a circle around your clitoris as my tongue finds it’s way onto your inner labia and soon into your vagina. A fast moan and gentle scream tells me it’s been a long time since you’ve felt pleasure like this. My mouth continues in the same motions you followed with my penis until I slip my index finger inside you. “Fuck me already, please!” you scream. I move up next to you, kiss your lips and ask “Is there anything you’re not into?” “No,” you whisper back, smiling at me. You open your legs wide and bend your knees so your feet hang in the air and you pat your excited pussy. I put two fingers inside you and lube my cock with your liquid-excitement before I move between your legs, bring my face to yours and guide my cock to your hole with my left hand. “If at any point this hurts or is uncomfortable, twizzlers will be the safe word, okay?” I ask. You giggle and nod. I put the tip inside and my eyes are an inch away from yours, seeing your pleasure as I slip deeper inside of you. My lips meet yours and you moan into my mouth as we makeout, and with every thrust you feel bliss filling your mind as I have no problem fitting all the way inside again and again. “I’m cumming again,” you say as I fuck you harder and faster, the sounds of my thighs slapping against yours getting louder. As I feel the inside of your pussy cum and you squeeze my cock, I kiss your lips. I stop for a second for you to catch your breath, then I flip you over on all fours, reach into the nightstand next to us and take out a pair of leather-bound handcuffs before I light a candle, setting it on the nightstand. “Do you still trust me?” I ask. You nod once more as I kiss you. I grab a hair elastic and tie your hair up quickly. I put the handcuffs on you and then sit on my legs so my knees are upward and my cock stands tall, then I guide your pussy onto my cock and thrust into you from the back. I reach over to the burning candle and sit you straight on my cock before I pour a stream of hot wax onto your right shoulder. You wince as the heat stings and makes its way down to your breast. I squeeze your breast as the wax reaches your nipple and my cock thrusts all the way inside you. The sensation of the wax is both physically hot and erotic as you feel your pussy squeeze in orgasm once more. I thrust a few more times before guiding you off my cock and onto your back. I kiss your right nipple as I peel away the dried wax, then I uncuff you. “I’m not far from cumming,” I whisper into you as I kiss you. You smile in excitement. “Where should I cum?” I ask. “Inside me, please,” you declare. I nod in agreement as you catch your breath. I switch places with you one last time and lay with my back propped up against the headboard. You suck my hard cock for a moment more before straddling it, where I put my hands on both of your tits and squeeze as you ride my cock in cowgirl. You bend over and let me kiss your neck while still riding faster and faster. You feel yourself coming close to a third orgasm. You meet my lips with yours and you refuse to let go as we makeout, both building up to climax. You ride as fast as you can and you wrap your hands around my neck while I wrap my hands around your back as we both breathe incredibly heavy until we can no longer contain our moans to our kiss. You feel my cock pulse and my semen shooting deep inside you when I ejaculate inside, forcing your pussy to contract, and we both scream in orgasm as we hold our bodies close and tightly. We both remain breathing heavy while we wind down and you get off my cock and lay next to me, each on our sides staring and breathing into each other’s necks. This is love.

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