To the Death of a Friend

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Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



Death is a thing that’ll get you thinkin'. Especially when it a friend you’ll be missin'. Thinkin bout the times you’ve had, and what you won’t, The tears come floodin in, you just scream "don’t!"

Then you think "What happens when this life is over?", Your heart will beat fast no longer. Your lungs collapse and breath no more. Your body lay lifeless...burried and forgotten.

But that’s not where it ends. Will you go on to the light, Or will you fall in to the dark? The choice is yours, make your mark.

You think “once I’m gone it won’t matter to most”, But that’s not true to our heavenly host. Sure, life on this earth will one day tarry, But what hapens after is what gets to many

You thoughts turn from you, And go back to your friend. Why, oh why, did his life have to end? He was so young, younger than you. Did he live in the light that he knew? Which way did he go after the judgement call? Did he make it to heaven, or to hell did he fall?

You have the light, did you show it to him? Did he know how to be cleansed of his sin? Was there more that you could have done To help him make it to the kingdom Come?

The passion for souls becomes rekindled. The longing to be a light is no longer bewidled. There’s more you can do… you just know it! But to know your true calling, it’ll be a bit.

While your young you think death is far away, But at your fingertips is is where it lay. You race, you run, you think “YOLO” Then the time comes when you realize “YODO”

You only die once, when will it be? You may be in a moment, or when youre 103 Live life to have no regrets, For that’s something to get worse the longer it sets. Live each moment with all you have, For this breath very well could be your last.

Death is a thing that will get you thinkin' Especially when it a friend you’ll be missin'.

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