Unable Breather

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Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



I’m only helping myself, but I’m not rich or stable either. 

I’m an unable breather. 

I keep finding myself fatally deeper. Suicide is selfish, but it’s fiscally cheaper. 

These bills got me in a chokehold and they’re not letting go. 

And I know business is slow. I can’t complain though. 

Lost lots of weight, but straight, times to blame. 

Not enough on my plate 

and cardio for days... 

Dropping pound cakes. 

I can’t talk. Four hour hikes. 

It was a cake walk. 

The bus was two bucks, 

but them fucks was too much.

The purchase is worthless.

You think it’s worth it, I think it isn’t.

But I’m still gonna run with it.

I feel like I’ll never catch up. 

I’m fed up. Never fed enough. 

Get my calories from the ketchup. 

It’s been rough and messed up. 

But I’m blessed, so what’s up. 

It’s not like me to save up to eat lunch. 

It’s fucked up. I’m hungry. The struggle is ugly. 

I eat more in sex, and it bugs me. 

I’m begging a bunny, for carrots. 

Even if it’s on the necklace your wearing, just share it. 

I’ll choke down a choker. I’m not joking 

Hand me that saucy medallion, seasoned in Italian. 

Now I’m Looking for a waste bin, I went to Jared. 

Pearl in the porcelain. I’m passing stones and I can barely bare it. 

Tiffany, you gotta be shitting me. 

Diamonds got bad timing. Semi colon in pain. 

Ass bleeds from the beads, that I reign, it’s like Mardi Gras. Family jewels staying. 

That’s food chains, for all y’all. I’m just saying...

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