Animal in Us

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Is it a dream we all are waking up to

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



We call ourselves human moreover we think we are far more than then thing called animal but I think the word human is to deviate us not to realize that we are an animal. I always felt the animal in me. The anger and lust trigger the animal in you.

As usual I walked down the street to reach my college there’s her the mystery girl why is she always looking at me it's not loving I understand and no girl looked me like that in my entire life I can’t understand her I see her often in the mornings rush looks me like she could see whats inside me it is Disturbing. Ah!!! there she is as usual staring at me like I'm some kind of an alien who had stepped into the earth as I walk by I saw busy shopkeepers preparing their shops for the day yes It was a sunny day I decided to stare her while walking her eyes sparkled by the sunlight god she was beautiful she had dark eyes beyond that I could see nothing through her eyes as I walked towards the bus stop the sun started fading suddenly there spread a weird silence people suddenly stopped their activities and started looking towards me in a creepy way I felt disturbed and nervous the climate darkened with their mood. But the only thing that gave me relief was her she had the same stare at me. People started coming towards me like am a threat to them the society I panicked and ran down the road I saw people running towards me like I was their pray I saw people watching me In the side lanes in the dark like they were hiding I ran and I ran there comes the dead end and I decided to face them and they keep on coming I didn't know what to do then suddenly the earth trembled and the whole world broke like a mirror and I woke up, as usual, it was my mom who shook me up and said its time wake up!!!!. O thank god then I realized it was a dream. But why do I keep seeing the same dream Is it actually a dream or am waking up to a dream.

Chapter 2


I couldn’t figure out why I was seeing the same dream every night isn’t it weird maybe someone is sending me a message or someone is warning me from something I don’t know actually being disturbed. as usual same dream  oh  the same day, the same creepy  girl  I remember from my last dream while I was running for my life I saw few people watching  me through the shadows of the building sit increased my curiosity I finally decided to go to them its funny that you cant control your dream suddenly saw a man in the shadows his eyes where sparkling like a diamond as I walked towards him he seems far away as I walked towards him I noticed his face changing to a wolf  I freaked out still I walked towards him as I am walking close to him its like his head was turning into a wolf head  and I walked more close towards him I ended in front of a huge mirror I thought oh not again the same drama but the earthquake never came to rescue me from myself  but In the mirror I saw my reflection well that’s unusual.

What if saw my reflection in the first place then the mirror cracked slowly and I was out of this stupid dream but it kept me thinking about its life as if I was the wolf head.


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