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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mercy is the story of a girl that begins in high school during the 1970's. Mercy goes through many trials and has issues that a lot of young girls still go through today. Mercy comes from a large
family with very little money. She is raised by a very strict mother who keeps a close eye on her, an alcoholic father, and six siblings. The popular kids at school are mean, and they bully her and
say she comes from "the wrong side of town. She is trash."Mercy is in love with the most popular boy in school, a senior, and tries to get up enough nerve to ask him to go to the prom with her. She
thinks he doesn't even know she exists. She knows that if she doesn't ask him to prom, he will be off to college next year, and he will never know how much she loves him. This novel is about how
hard it is for a girl to hold on to her virginity and morals when everyone else seems to be "doing it." Her best friend, Madison, has been with a lot of guys in high school and is jealous of Mercy.
Madison is jealous because she is unable to hold to the high standards that Mercy has, and she betrays her in the worst way possible. The guy that Mercy has known for most of her life, went to
school with, played with, and grew up with is Travis. Travis has loved Mercy for so long. Mercy knows that Travis loves her, but she just can't get past the friend zone. Mercy loves Benton, and
Travis will do whatever Mercy askes of him because he really does with her true happiness.

Table of Contents

Chapter I, Part I, 1970

I like to keep my Chapters short and this first Chapter is only three pages long.
Read Chapter

Part I, Chapter 2

Chapter 2   Mercy's mother was raising four girls and three boys with very little help from Mercy's father.  Mercy's mother... Read Chapter

Part I, Chapter 3

Chapter 3   The end of the school year was coming up soon, prom night, graduation for Benton.  Mercy knew that Benton was g... Read Chapter

Part I, Chapter 4

  Chapter 4   The big day had finally arrived!  Her plan was to primp all day and to make sure that she looked as ... Read Chapter

Part I, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Her summer was uneventful.  She hung out with Madison and Travis and did the usual summer things. She got a part-time ... Read Chapter

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