Chapter 2: (v.2) Part I, Chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 2

  Mercy's mother was raising four girls and three boys with very little help from Mercy's father.  Mercy's mother, at forty-five, and after having seven children, was still quite beautiful. Mercy's father had little to do with his own children.  Her father liked to drink just a little too much.  At least he did work a night shift job at a car company. He had lost so many previous jobs due to his drinking.  He always told Mercy's mother that, “They just fired me for no good reason!” When he landed this job three years ago, Mercy's mother told him that he had better not get fired from this one or she would throw him out on the street, and she meant it.  Mercy’s mother and father got along okay, they both just kind of went their own way, living in the same house.  Mercy's mother doled out all the discipline and made all the rules. Mercy's mother believed in keeping her kids in line with a switch, a very thin piece of a branch that made a swooshing sound when you waved it through the air. Mercy knew her mother was very smart, and she could never see what her mother saw in her father as far as a husband and father. 

  With all the laundry, cooking and work to do around the house, mother made sure that all the children did their chores.  Mercy's mother also worked outside the home when she could.  Mercy being the baby of the family, got off with doing very little chores. Instead of doing chores, Mercy could read or do her homework.  Mercy's mother always told her how smart she was and how she was going to grow up to be something special if she just kept up with her studies.  Mercy believed her mother.

  Mercy had never been allowed to date yet and has never had her first kiss.  She dreamed about that first kiss with Benton.  It would be soft, and sweet and lingering.  These thoughts made her feel hot and tingly all over just thinking about it.  Once, Mercy had asked her mother if she could date and her mother said she could date when she turned eighteen.  Mercy told her Mother that most girls were dating at fifteen and Mercy was angry, but she also knew there was no arguing with her mother.One of Mercy's older sisters had become pregnant at sixteen and she dropped out of school and married the baby’s father.  Mercy guessed that was why her mother wouldn’t let her date until she was eighteen, because she became afraid that would happen with her also.  Mercy’s mother told her that she needed to concentrate on school right now.  One night a boy from school called her and her her mother grounded her for it because she said it was inappropriate.  Another time, Mercy was walking home from school with a girlfriend and her girlfriend's male cousin and her mother switched her legs for “Walking the street like some whore.”

Even though she was perfectly innocent of any wrong doing and knew the boy was walking with her and her friend, just to be nice and make sure she made it home safely, her mother wasn’t believing it.Her mother would switch her legs again if she could see her now, sitting in the bell tower, starring at some boy.

  In two more years, she would be allowed to date.  She had been asked out a couple of times already but was too embarrassed to tell the boys that her “Mother wouldn't let her date” so she made some lame excuses.  At 18, she could date, and she also knew that Benton would be graduating and going off somewhere to college at the end of this school year. She was in love and she had to tell Benton before he left.  One day soon, she would come down from the bell tower, and wait on the sidewalk to talk to Benton, one day when she was feeling brave.  Right now, she would rather sit here and dream about him, because if he shunned her, it would literally break her heart. Maybe she would just wait a little longer before approaching him.  She loved everything about him, his walk, his talk, his laughter, his clothes, his smile, his lips, his eyes, and the list goes on and on.

  This afternoon, she is starring hard through the crack in the bell tower and it is starting to get dark and she hasn't seen him.  Where is he?”  She had to see him tonight, on her birthday!  Her heart felt like it was pounding right out of her chest.  Two hours later, and she still hadn't seen him, maybe he was sick and had someone else take him home.  Finally, she had to go home.  Her mother would switch her legs again for coming home after dark.

  Mercy walked quickly back toward her house.  The houses here were very close together with small front yards.  This used to be a very nice neighborhood but now was run down and filled with, what others called, “poor white trash”.  A few houses down the street from hers, lived a boy named Travis.

Travis was the same age as herself and in the same grade.  He is also very handsome, with boyishly good looks.  He's tall at 6'2”, with sandy blonde hair, and blue eyes.  He has a certain toughness about him that you would imagine cowboys having.  Mercy knew that Travis liked her from talking to the kids at school.  She grew up playing with Travis until they reached their teen years, then they just kind of separated and made their own friends.  Travis loved to play guitar.  He was sitting on his front porch playing it as she walked by.  Travis loved country music.  He had his guitar with him wherever he went, it was like an extension of him.  Mercy yelled, “Hey Travis, how are you?”  He yelled, “Great, Happy Birthday! I see you walk past here almost every day.  Do you have a job or after school activities or something?”  She had to tread lightly here because she didn't want anyone to know what she was doing every day, that was just for her to know.  She said, “No, I just like to take a walk every day, getting in shape, you know.”  He replied, “Well, maybe I could come with you one day.”  Mercy's mind was racing, “Maybe someday you can.”  She hurriedly walked past his house.  Mercy could feel his eyes on her back as she walked towards home.

  Travis remembered her birthday!  Of course, it would be like him to remember something like that.  Mercy knows that Travis has always liked her, but she had hoped, just as friends.  She found out through the grapevine at school that Travis wanted to be more than “just friends”, he wanted to be her boyfriend.  Travis knew that Mercy knew how he felt about her, but she tried to pretend that she didn’t, and they were still “just friends”.  Mercy knew a lot about Travis because his mother and hers were good friends, but also because they have known each other since first grade.  When Mercy was near him, she could sense how much he cared about her.

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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