Black Lagoon

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{Trying to blend a two-style rhyming poem.} --- As for the story line: Not all things turn out the way they do in the movies, but some things turn up in the ???.

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



In the black of night

Came a sliver of light

From the moon

Beyond the dune.

And the light, it fell

On the one from hell;

The Creature

From the Black Lagoon!


They all show fear

When it's stench fills the air

Even greats beasts

Do shiver and run.

They knew where it came

Across the swamp was stain;

The water turned red

Before it was done.


All those nights

Came those chomps and bits

They could never be over

Too soon.

For the feeding hour

There was no power

That could stop that Creature

In the Black Lagoon.




Well the story was written that way

But the Creature has changed over time

He has seen a future that he likes better

And has taken-up acting while in his prime.


Now the Creature is Trending on FaceBook

And the Net-Work is ready to go.

They want him to star next season

On the very popular "Bachelor" show.


 He had some small but pivotal rolls

On that action show, McGiver.

And his competition just disappeared

With a season on "Survivor".

 Next will come Romantic-Dramas,

 He should really make the ladies swoon,

When he portrays the tormented beast

 In "Beauty, and the Black Lagoon".



JE Falcon


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