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Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



how do you tell somebody
that you may flinch every time
they lean in to place their lips
against yours?

there are no words to describe
that you have found people
have bites worse than their barks,
that you have given yourself as a whole
and come back in parts,
that you are pretty sure that the
moon shares the same craters as your heart.

how do you let somebody know
that there is a good chance
you never fully open up
every time they hold your hand
in theirs?

there is no way to explain that
your nails have been hammered into place
against somebody else’s spine,
that people have walked all over you
without realizing you grew up as a war-zone
and to this day you are covered in landmines,
that when somebody says they count on you
they mean they have numbered your days
left by their waistline.

how do you mention to somebody
that wants the best for you
that you have stopped believing you deserve it?

you were the product of love that
told you humans are meant to be terrified,
you got older and understood
that no strings attached meant
picking at knots until they come untied,
and you’ve been praying to god
that if life is a tunnel,
you’ll somehow come through
the other side.


- k.p.k 

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