"Urban legend Charleston South Carolina 2"

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I already did one for Charleston but I had to do one more this is one of the best stories in Charleston South Carolina!

Submitted: July 05, 2018

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Submitted: July 05, 2018



Urban legend Charleston South Carolina 2" 


South Carolina is my all time favorite state and I love the city of Charleston so forgive but I had to come back for one more urban legend in this city!!


This is the urban legend of Lavinia Fisher"

"Lavinia fisher was the first female serial killer in America. She along with her husband John owned "the six mile house" a place for travelers to stay. Lavinia would serve poison tea to her victims who were usually wealthy men. She would then trap them inside a bed with a trap door attached to it. With the pull of a lever the body would fall into a room beneath the house where John would wait and rob the corpse. 

Till one night a man named John people came to "the six miles" Lavinia offered him tea witch he took but dumped into a plant because he didn't like tea when she wasn't looking. Finding Lavinia and Her husband John creepy, John went to bed early. While he sat in a chair he saw his bed in the room collapse into a pit below the house, in terror, he jumped straight out of the window and ran into Charleston, where he reported everything he saw to the police. The story goes that when the police came over to "the six miles" they found all of Lavinia fishers victims upon investigation. The Fishers were then executed for there crimes in 1820. And claim "Lavinia fishers spirit still haunts the "Charleston South Carolina's Old City Jail" where she was hung.

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