Edge of the Knife

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A blood-thirsty family go through the town, disposing of whoever they want. Will Claire stray from her families path, or will she just be another one of their play things?

Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018



Father came home with blood on his hands, again.  I could smell death on his clothing.  He closed the door and stretched out his back, "Mmmm. That was fun."  I turned up the volume on my headphones and opened my computer. Googling recent murders, two news sites came up.  I clicked on the first video and a reporter came on screen.


"Daniel Lopez and his girlfriend, Ariana Mendoza, were found dead earlier tonight by his roomate, David Cortet.  Police say that Daniel was stabbed thirty-two times and Arianas throat was slit. Both have multiple signs of tourture-"


I slammed my computer shut and heard my mother, "Who were the lucky ones today?"


He started to speak but I cut him off, "Daniel Lopez and Ariana Mendoza."


He turned to me and smiled, "Someone is doing thier research. How is my is my little Claire?" He got up and walked over to me and put his hand on my head. "You're growing up to be just like your mother."  I flinched at his touch and moved away. He sighed and took his hand away, "Go tell your brother dinner is ready, ok?" 


I nodded and put my headphones back on and went down stairs into the basement.  I walked down the dark stairs and ran my hand against the cold walls.  I followed the flashing lights and saw my brother on his computer setup


Why dont I call the police? Why dont I just turn my family in? 


I walked up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, and looked at the moniters


Well the answer to that is simple.


There was a man tied to a chair and blindfolded in an empty room, Uncle Gill.


They'll kill me.


My brother turned in his chair and smiled, "Hey sis, is dad home?"


"What do you think Chris?"


"Awsome," Chris turned back to the moniter and leaned back, "its fun watching people go crazy."


I turned away in disgust and sat down on the floor, "Will Uncle be ok?"


He pressed a few buttons and sighed, "Why dont you find this fun?" I didnt respond. He breathed heavily, "You know, dad wants you to kill him."


I quickly stood up and turned my music back on, "Dinners ready."


I will never play your twisted game of chess.


I was born into a familly of blood thirsty killers. What makes me different? I was born with a disease called hematophobia, the fear of blood.  I don't believe in killing for fun like my family does. I dont think that people, inoccent people, should die for our emtertainment. However, I have no choice but to follow these sociopaths.


I sit down at the table next to my brother and across from my father.  I tune them out as they talk about his kill and focus on my food. I get lost in thought thinking about all the unlucky ones that fell victim to my family. I come back to the couple from earlier tonight and wonder why.  They were safe at home, why did my father choose them?




I come back to reality to find my father has been calling me.  I take off my headphones and continue to eat.


"Sweetie, I only let you have thoose on 24/7 because of your condition."


I sighed and put my fork down, "What do you want?


"Your mother and I were wondering, when will you join us?"


I sat up straight and folded my arms over my chest, "Why do you care?

Now my mother chimmed in, "There are way of killing with out blood. We can help you practice theese ways and we can go out as a family, have fun, be together for once."


I pushed my plate away and stood, "I have no intention on killing, it has no purpose."


"Claire, listen to you mother!"


"Why should I?"


"You are apart of this family. I am your father and you will do as I say!"


I sighed in defeat and could tell my father was smilling. I balled my hands into tight fists.

 "Come, finish dinner with your family and will visit your uncle later."


"I'm not hungry."




I sat back down and glared at him, "Fine." Just because I'm trapped here, doesnt mean I have to enjoy it.


I was dragged to the room where my uncle was kept. He saw my father with a bloodied knife and instantly realized what he's been doing. He's been here ever since. He could leave whenever he wants though; by pledging his loyalty to his brother, or dying at his hands.  He's been resisting, leading to the tourte he's been put through. I looked away from the beaten, tied up man, but my father forced me to look. 


He looked up but couldnt see anything do to the blindfold.

"Did you change your mind yet?"

He scoweled and turned his head away, "Why would I help a phycopath?"

"You do know this is your last chance, right?"

His mucles tensed for a second but then relaxed, "Yeah..."

My father sighed and craked his knuckles. He walked over to him and tore off the blindfold. He bent down so he was eyelevel with his brother, "You really want me to kill you?"

Gill looked at him, his eyes were red from crying. He smiled and shook his head, "Youre such a fucken pussy." He spat in his face and laughed. My dad sighed and wiped the spit off his cheek as he stood. He walked up to me and handed me a gun.

"Do it."

I carefully grabed the gun and watched as he left. The metal door closed behind him and locked. I turned back towards my uncle and froze at the unexpected reaction.

He was silently crying but a smile was on his face. He sniffed and looked at me, "You're one of them now, huh?"

I didn't respond.

"Heh. I rememeber you as a baby. You were always so scared of blood and pain. You would start to cry whenever someone got hurt."

Tears threatend my eyes.

"It's ok. It's my fault, i should have taken you in, instead of leaving you here. I always knew something was up with this family."

I sniffed and wiped away tears with my jacket sleeve. Running up to him, I wrapped my arms around my neck, letting the tears flow, "I can't! I can't kill you!"

"Dont worry about me, Claire. We all get what we deserve." The tears started to thicken, but his smile only grew, "You grew up into such a strong woman,"

I was crying now.

"Just do it!"

I looked up and froze. It wasn't my uncle anymore. There was a shadow engulfing him in it's darkness. He was crying blood, and covered in open wounds. He was taunting me.

"Do it. Hold up the gun. Pull the trigger."

I let go and backed up to my original spot.

The shadow stood beside my uncle and pointed at his forhead, "Right here, he won't feel a thing."

I looked at the gun and swallowed hard. I looked back at my uncle, he smiled, nodded, and closed his eyes. I raised the gun and aimed for where the shadow pointed. I saw a single tear fall from his closed eyes and closed my eyes. 

"I'm sorry." 

I pulled the trigger and there was a loud bang. Something warm splashed on my face. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the man leaning back in the chair. His eyes were dull and his body limp. Blood leaked from the gunshot wound and was splattered on the wall behind him. My heart started to race and my breathing shallowed. I backed up and slid down the wall onto the floor. I wiped my face with my sleeve now stained with blood. I closed my eyes and burried my head in my knees. I started to cry again and the door flew open. Arms wrapped around me and pulled me into a chest, my mother. She held me and whispered in my ear.

"Just imagine you're ride, baby. A log ride.  You just got splashed with the hot water on a hot summer day."

I started to shake as she helped me up. I looked at the corpse again and burried my face in her chest. She led me out of the room, up the stairs, and into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and helped me undress. Once the tub was full, she sat me inside and started washing my hair, massaging my scalp. Massages always helped me calm down, and she knew this. My skin felt cold and clammy, despite the warm water it was soaking in. I kept shaking and started to cry again as I remembered the blood dripping from a families head. My mother stopped washing my hair and wrapped her arms around me again, gently petting my head. And we stayed like that for hours. 


I was laying in bed, completely awake. It was nearly three in the morning and everyone was asleep. Dad and Chris got rid of Uncle Gill, while mom tried for hours to calm me down. Eventually, she sent me to bed, hoping sleep would fix things.  I sat up and looked out my window, not many people were out at this time of night, but lights were still on. I sighed and got out of bed. I put on a jacket and some shoes then went back to my window. I slowly opened it and climbed out, stepping out into the cool night air. I looked up and down the street and pulled my head over my head, cloaking my face in darkness.


I was passing an alley way when I heard a cry. I looked down and saw three guys in all black and a nicley dressed girl. Two of the men were holding her down while the third waved a gun at her. 

"Please! Let me go! I promise I wont tell!"

I continued to watch, my mucles starting to tense. I sighed as they relaxed and continued walking.

"I'm sick of your screaming. Lets just end this here."

There was a metallic click and my mucles tensed again. I shoved my hands in my pockets and turned down the alley, "Hey."

All three turned to look at me as I walked closer. The guy turne dthe gun at me and his eyes narrowed, "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm no one, just passing by."

"You better back off woman. Or I'll shoot!"

I continued walking closer, "I don't think you'll do that."

When I was a few feet away, I looked up from the ground and glared at him. I could tell that there was blood lust in my eyes by the way they reacted when I looked at them.

"Please, help me-"

"Oh, shut up," I turned towards the girl, "Who said I'm here to save you?"

She froze and looked away from me. I turned back to the man and he jolted. He raised his gun a bit higher, "Last chance lady, I will shoot!"

I stepped closer so the gun was pressing against my chest, "I fucken dare you."


"Shoot me, I dare you."

We all sat there in silence. The guy holding the gun started to tremble. I smiled and looked down, "Heh, pathetic."

He took a step back as I stepped forward, "You're such a fucken pussy."

I grabbed the gun and twisted it as I spun. I wrapped my free arm aroun the mans neck and caught him as he fell back into me. I put the gun to his left temple as I covered his eyes. His breaths were as shaky as his knees. I sighed and threw him forward, "Get out of here."  He fell to his knees, frozen in time. I pointed the gun at the two guys and put my finger on the trigger, "Leave the girl." They got up and started to run.

Thier leader closely behind screaming, "She's a fuking phsyco! Run!"

I stuck the gun in my pocket and sighed, heading back home.

"Thank you."

I froze and turned towards the woman. She had her knees close to her chest and her arms keeping them there. She was shaking and squeaked when I stepped closer. I stepped back and examined the frightened girl. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply through my nose. 

"Sure, no problem."


I left the alley, and the girl in the dark cold. I climbed back through my window and threw my jacket aside. I kicked off my shoes and flopped onto my bed. I groaned as my mucles finally relaxed. I twisted onto my back and looked at my dark ceeling. I lifted my hand and started flexing my right index finger, mimicking the trigger pulling.

Well, looks like you've won.

I sat up and grabbed my jacket.

Looks like you've caught me and roped me in.

I pulled out the gun and dropped my jacket back onto the floor.

I guess I'm finally part of this twisted family.

I put the gun to my temple and rested my finger on the trigger.

This was a fun game...

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself. A smile crept onto my face.

But I was never good at chess.




*Authors Note*

(This might seem like a bit much, but know that I am serious)

Don't do it. Don't suffer the same fate as Claire. If you feel that your life is worthless, or if you feel like you dont belong, seek help. I know it might seem like you're weak if you need help, but trust me, everyone needs a little assistance everyonce in a while. So if you dont feel like profesional help will make a difference;

1) Try it, you will never know unless you try,

2) Email me and I'll respond as soon as possible. And I'll try my best to give you the help you need. 

1) Email me at- truemusicmajic@gmail.com

2) subject= Edge of the Knife

3) write your heart out 

Suicidal Hotline- 1-800-273-8255

Online chat- https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

?Know someone loves you and cares for you. So don't put them through the hell they'll go through if you leave. 

Thank you.

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