Getting Fit.

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Human beings are funny; they do funny things,even when they are ageing.

Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018



The new woman I got myself involved with couldn't stop laughing when she heard that I was going to follow in the footsteps of Bruce Lee. She thought it was madness because I was pushing for 80. Let her have her fun in laughing, I was thinking. I'm feeling fit and there's no harm in doing a bit of shadow boxing, as long as I do not over do it.
About an hour before dinner, one day, I got a chair, sat on it, and pretend I was handling weights. ''What are you doing now?'' She asked me. ''Playing the fool again!''
I love this woman, we get on together just great, no problems between us. Conversation flows good. But the trouble is, she doesn't know much. She's blonde but I won't say she is dumb. I'll keep away from that area.
''It so happens,'' I said, ''I'm doing Isometrics!''
''What's that?''
''You have to pretend that you're actually using real weights.'' I said to her.
''Wouldn't it be better to go down the gym?'' She looked at me seriously.
''Of course they got everything you need in the gym. At the moment, I'm far from the gym, and I'm using substitutes.'' I tried to explain to her.
''I could never understand some of you men, you act strange.''
''That is because you don't understand certain things why you find us strange. I could say the same of some of you women as well.'' I replied.
''Like what?'' She asked.
''Well, for a start, you gossip a lot. Always looking at men as they pass by.''
''That is a natural thing for human beings to do. And as for looking at men, I've got you, that's enough.'' She made her point.
''So you've never looked at men?'' I said.
''What now? Don't you trust me? It's a natural thing. They're there. You can't avoid seeing them.''

''Well anyway, you've learned something new. You know now that people can use Isometrics, but they musn't cheat.'' I said.
I got from the chair, stood up. took a deep breath of air in, then I let out a loud sound, at the same time both my hands were going like the crankshaft of a steam train.
''What's all this now?'' She asked.
''Trying to get some speed wiork like that Bruce Lee.'' I said.
''Where is he now?''
''He's not around any more,'' I told her.
''So you're definitely heading in his direction?''

THe End.

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