[Introduction To] Sticks and Swords Three: Smoke Amongst The Snow

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

The beginning of the third instalment, and a little taster of adventures to come when I've...well, finished the stuff that comes before! So if I were to give a blurb... [am I the only one who finds
trying to sum this up embarrassing?] "If you thought messing with old magics and monsters sounded like a bad idea before, well, our two "heroes" are gonna have a ball of a time in the harsh and
frozen wastes of the Spine. On the edge of the Kingdom of Aelerea, something old and powerful broils under the serene snows of this vast mountain-scape... The conflicts to come will draw familiar
faces from far and wide, and the fights are only ever gonna get bigger, messier, and more badass than ever!"

(Sticks and Swords is the first world I'm seriously trying to create. It's violent, vulgar, and pretty damned dark sometimes, and what I term as the "not holding anything back" style. I hope you'll
check it out! Drop me a line any time- it's great to hear opinions about the characters and the stories, good or bad. I'd much rather write a book I'd like to read, but it's a big step going from
reading to writing, so it'd be great to hear what other people think! [I'm begging, someone, please comment! Seeing people having read the first and latest chapters, but nothing in between...it
hurts my soul! Sob sob.])

Table of Contents

Prologue, What is it?

Submitted: July 06, 2018

Barely even the wind could be heard from within the crater. It echoed as if muffled, a far away voice in a land of sparsity and cold. T... Read Chapter

One: Because it never does, does it?

Submitted: July 06, 2018

They say that the cold is the dampener on life. It takes the bright and burning flame inside a living thing, makes it splutter in outra... Read Chapter