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Submitted: July 06, 2018

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Submitted: July 06, 2018





Thirty five calories for servings of three

Plopping them into the bowl carefully.

One too many and you will fail.

Again and again you try but you fail.


Thighs like thunder, clapping with force

Soft and beautiful eyes, but the rest so coarse.

They tell you one day you will be beautiful too,

Keep trying they say, soon They will be you.


Thin and demure with eyes full of light,

Not like me of course, with my brutish appetite.


My figure is full, too round and too large

Get out of my way, you look like a barge.

Get out of my way, you are in my space.

Get out of my way, you don’t belong in this place.


Maybe if I cut them down to servings of two,

Or maybe none, maybe that will do.

My thighs finally shrink, and my stomach does too

Shaped by my desire to be like you.


They say I must have the willpower to beat

The cravings, the hunger, the drive to eat.

Food is the enemy but food is life,

Collar bones peaking out as sharp as a knife.

My legs and my arms taking up no space at all,

My eyes may lack color but I’m finally a doll.


They say I must not eat enough to look like I do.

They say I am sickly and look like a shrew.

Doesn’t she eat, get a hamburger or two!

She is skin and bones, you can see right through!


Food was the enemy so I fought it with vigor,

All I’ve been told is I need to be thinner.

And here I am, starving to be what you want

And yet you vomit your criticisms and your taunts.


But perfect isn’t skinny, and perfect isn’t fat,

In fact there is no way to get anywhere near that.

Perfect is a lie to sell to little girls and women,

To men and little boys, there will never be a way in.


The finish line will always be miles away,

As you waste your life fitting into this clay

Mold of what a human should be.

When you finally get it, you’ll finally see

You can create a whole new definition,

Set the new rules for the word “perfection”.


Perfect is you, no matter your size

Thin, fat, tall, or small, the same still applies.

I see you, you’re valid, your worth more than you know,

Go out there and glow,

spread the word, loud and proud, you're perfect you know!

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