Make Our Ummah Great Again

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Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



Make our ummah great again we have to many young ones that are out there sinning. Comparing their haram lifestyle as if it's a competition but ahki are you even listening. There are people all around us that are dropping like flies you can't take this life for granted because everybody dies. The clock is always ticking and whether you're ready or not dajjal is coming and he's gonna claim your spot. I don't mean to scare you but I only speak the truth so ummah get your act together so that we can become better.

Make our ummah great again. Ummah? Can we even call ourselves that when we're fighting against each other? Where's the unity? Where's the freedom? Most of all where's the peace? Islam is based on peace. There's only one God and we submit together in unity don't you know the meaning behind your own deen? The word Islam is derived from the word 'aslama "Submit to God" ' aslama creates the word Islam meaning submission but lately there's less faces entering the masjid so where did the submission go? Most of you are Muslim by name and not by faith meaning you stopped practicing your deen but if anybody asks you're still muslimin.

Make our ummah great again We need to bring back the peace and equality. You see what Islam taught me is even in the good and the bad times never forget your deen. Whenever your facing a hard time my sister you can call on me. Because being a Muslim means unity. If you struggle I struggle too. There's a hardship that we all have to get through. Your tears are my tears and we all cry together. I pray that Allah can make us better. To be muslim means to be soft spoken never forget deep down your a good person. No matter what the media says or how we're portrayed. I know this Dunya can be a distraction with all the attraction but never forget your main focus Jannah should always be your purpose.

Make our ummah great again always say As-alamu alaykum whenever youre walking down the street even if you don't know me. Cause we're one in the same family And dont forget to pay zakat and give to charity. Always smile cause it's Sunnah these little things will get you out this Dunya. Pick up your Quran and feed your soul don't wait till your told. Don't do it because you have to do it because you want to. Put the spark back under your feet and pray. Pray for Syria pray for Somali pray for this Dunya while striving the ahkira. Ask for forgiveness cause they always say ask and you shall receive. Be greatful for the clothes on your back and the shoes on your feet cause theirs children who can't even fall asleep.

Make our ummah great again

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