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GleamCrown and Valacirca

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Elven Fantasy

GleamCrown the elven lady sings the first poem, afterwards, the elven lord sings a poem about the constellation named Valacirca in return. These are parts from a story of mine. Namarie.

-But you say your song my beloved, when the gleams of Lake still there, So GleamCrown start to sing her song…

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



First sky, first for us

That knows no one before, sprinkled

Stars, naming is our game

When you say play this game with me

Which I knew, the only seeking beginning for me, that


I knew even in darkness, from a star

From a star, that saying you were coming

The colour of your hair, sharp lines of your face

You had to be coming from the stars

Stars were the beginning and my seeking was that


We couldn’t speak of before, where no before was

Only some simple the songs were at the ears

Mystery and love the days we were bundled up by

Right beside me together we learned that no before was

The beginning was the love words and the only thing that I heard


Now let's hug, I will know your star to eternity

As same as you too will know the GleamCrown

It has begun and what it should be

Should be living under the stars

It has begun the love words, my most beloved one






Your song when I think of the deep darkness

The dreams and nightmares all the same, In all

Without any exception In all that your beautiful voice; your song


What the things which are no way to perish

What from the gods made, all your verses

Were created to come to me that

Mine do exist still to reach to you


Before everything vanished be, all of us

Before disappearing in eternity, with this voice

With Valacirca I have to call you, my

Star as how you say you know

That I have to say I know with such love


Valacirca which see different all the eyes

There exists only one meaning for me Valacirca

You at the eternity, GleamCrown for you to hear

There Valacirca, from far away from the forest

For that, you hear my voice, my song, my love words

For you to hear the everlasting eternity


Valacirca should be my voice, every time it gleams a

Love kiss from me to your soul should touch your soul.

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