I Remember

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Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



I Remember


I remember you as you sang and laughed, while running in the rain.

Together we were for both knew well our love would evermore remain.

I see you laughing till you cried, and trying for breath to take

As I tried to impress you once again, with a machismo fuelled mistake.

I was young;

I was foolish;

I loved you more than life.


I remember when you walked me home and we held each other’s hand,

The Doctor’s words still in my head; my future unclear; unplanned.

The ring on your finger recalled my vows, I never thought would be this way.

But I would hold fast now my love for you, and keep it every day.

I was frightened;

I was scared;

I still had a loving wife.


I remember you again today, but too soon you’ll go away.

I curse my weak and feeble mind, for it will not let you stay.

Tomorrow you may see me smile, as I sit and watch the birds,

But I treasure more our time together, and our few and simple words.

She’s going;

Oh God;

Keep her in my heart; please try.


Yes, of course I do, I remember you; you look after me every day.

You’re a lovely woman, but you seem so sad, whenever you look my way.

Does the sight of me remind you well, of love that within you ran?

From the love in your eyes, I would give all my heart, to be just for a moment that man.

A cup of tea?

Yes please.

Oh I’m sorry dear lady; don’t cry.

© Copyright 2018 Kevin Broughton. All rights reserved.

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