The Tough Climb.

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I can stand certain heights, but those mountain climbers they go way up high.

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



I don't know what got into me but I did something really foolish. Joining a mountain climbing club was the dumbest thing I've ever done. I've seen it all on TV, those men and women are brave,they have guts. The way they sprawled themselves out with their hands and feet, and edge themselves up. I shiver in my seat just watching. And only chains and ropes hanging around them. It even got worse for me when I saw one of them came away from the attachment in the stone, and were just dangling there, way up high above the ground.
They've had good training, and in a situation like that, they just kept their nerves. ''Have you done anything like this before?'' The leader of the group asked me.
''This is my first time.'' I told him.
''You'll start out climbing the wall in the gym as a start.''
''Fine!'' I answered him. I should have taken up something like tennis or squash, something like cross-country racing. No. I had to go in for this dangerous sport. Making up my mind I got stuck in and started learning all the tricks. We climbed small mountains often, then the time came when they decided to take the big one. I was rearing and ready to take on my first big climb. They strapped me up like a horse ready to take on the carriage.
Crampons, cams, ropes and pickaxe were all with me. The group I was with were very experienced, and that gave me more courage. At the foot of this dangerous slope, we prepared ourselves. Looking up at it, there were hardly any place where you could make hand or foot grips. A few climbers went up before me, and I watched very carefully what they did. My turn came and I started up. It didn't go well at first, then I settled down making sure I didn't let the height bother me as I got higher.
Up and Up I went with encouragement from the leaders. I wasn't far from the top when i slipped and fell back. Held fast by the ropes, I got back into the rock face, found a good solid grip, and eased myself up. And at last, I climbed over the top and saying, ''Yes, yes yes!'' Then I took a peek over to see where I came from.

Back at camp I was having a cold drink when one of the leaders of our group came and spoke with me. ''You have done pretty well there for your first time on a cliff face, and yu're only a novice.''
''With brute force and courage and what I got taught, all saw me through.''
''We're going to tackle one that is more steeper and taller next time. Do you want to be on that one?'' He asked me.
''Hell,'' I said, ''if it was 100 times taller, nothing would stop me from attempting to climb it.  But I just want to say this mountain climbing is a dangerous business, exciting challenging. It has given me a big kick. My judgment has become more steady, and my common sense is positive. My spirit has become adventurous, and I'm ready for any climb. Do you know what is strange?''
''What's that?''
'' Not so long ago, I was the one sitting back and watching, now I'm here actually doing it.''

The End.

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