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Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



When is it? No not the time or day

My life.

It’s blurred together and I can’t make out the lines of my thoughts

“Let’s shower”

Help wash away the negative space

Fog the lines so they are no longer visible to me

“Are dreams meant to feel like reality?”

Once, this statement would make me envision a fairytale

Back when the rosy lens was a contact I popped in daily

Back when my life felt intact rather than when your favorite sweater

Has a stray thread

Don’t pull it.

It’ll all come tumbling apart

Just tuck it away

Or grab the scissors

And cut

Now water rinse


Who repeats?

“Should I shave today?”

Maybe my armpits

Can they see it?

The minuscule hairs

That are left on my skin

Boys are convinced women are hairless

It does not make me a man

I do not want to be told I’m one of the boys

When my skin is soft

And my heart is warm

When the box I check on the form is female

And the split in between my thighs is not just my legs

When my arrows not pointed up and twisted slightly to the right


© Copyright 2018 Samanthamlim. All rights reserved.

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